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May 2, 2011 04:21 PM

Passover in puerto rico at Gran Melia

Does anyone have any feedback about this program? I know someone that went to this hotel during the year for vacation and was so disappointed they left after 2 days. Curious how the service and program was. Food was from New Star Caterers who usually has delicious food

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  1. we went 3 or so years ago and while the place was beautiful the food was only ok and the service was horrendous, possibly the worse service i have ever experienced at a pesach program considering the price range.

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      sorry for the late reply.
      some of my friends went to this place for Passover, they ware very happy with the program, the food was good and the day camp for the kids was great so they had a good time, the people that did the program ware very nice (I can't remember their names). but they ware not happy with the place, they said that the beach is not nice the rooms had a strong smell of mold and they are very far from the dining room, they would go back to the same program if they change the location.

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        Club Kosher is running this year's program. It is NOT the same program as the one several years ago. I never went on their Passover programs, but I have been on several of their winter vacation programs. The food was always plentiful and delicious, they were responsive to suggestions and my kids had a blast. As for the Gran Melia, I also heard the beach is not really a beach, more of a rocky strip of sand. Don't know about the buildings though.

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          Their was another Passover program in Puerto rico last year, it was the magen david program very high-end, it was in a different hotel and they signed a 2 years contract but they are not coming back to puerto rico because they said that you cant get good service on the island,
          so far no program ever stayed in puerto rico for more then one year, maybe this is the reason.