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May 2, 2011 03:26 PM

Dinner in Madison

teaching an evening course at Drew, I need a casual place for a decent dinner.

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  1. There is a bar/pub on corner of Madison Ave and bottle Hill Square. isit something 54? Others will jump in and help. Plan b is thr Nautilus Diner.

    Nautilus Diner
    95 Main St, Madison, NJ 07940

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    1. re: scarlet knight

      Ugh...SK, you and I usually agree, but unless something has changed drastically, "the Nauseous" is a TERRIBLE diner!
      Main Street Cafe is (I think) the current name of the place on the corner of Central Ave and Main Street. There's also Charley's Aunt (good burgers/beer), Soho 33 (been for lunch, but it's hardly fancy so I assume dinner is the same), David's Rumba Cafe, and the Prospect Tavern (behind Gary's on Prospect St) is another possibility (haven't been but hear it's decent). Hope those help! Fwiw, Shanghai Jazz has excellent food, but it's crazy $$$, imo.

      Soho 33
      33 Main St, Madison, NJ 07940

      1. re: Curlz

        Correcting myself once, not twice, as I drove through Madison yesterday. The place on the corner of Central and Main is called Main Streets these days (it's been through a mess 'o names in the last 10-15 years!) and the burger place isn't Charley's Aunt--that's in Chatham--but for the life of me, I can't think of the name of the place. I'll get it and post.

        And I can't believe I left off my go-to in Madison--Firehouse on Central! I'm a big fan of their (thin crust) pizza but they also have a full-blown menu of entrees + sandwiches.

        Finally, if SK is right and you really want to get in/out of places, I'll also mention that there's a Whole Foods w/tables inside and diagonally across the street is the antithesis--Five Guys. :-)

    2. Resto's......casual, good food, comfortable setting, byob

      1. For a BYOB, Rob's Bistro...the more casual side of Resto, right on Main Street. For a pubby kind of place, give Prospect Beef and Ale a try, or perhaps Poor Herbie's. If you are a masochist, go to the Garlic Rose.

        Poor Herbie's
        13 Waverly Pl, Madison, NJ 07940

        77 Main St, Madison, NJ 07940

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        1. re: coldbeer

          What's up with the Madison Garlic Rose? The one in Cranford is always good.

          1. re: albinoni

            Just not a fan...I'm sure I'd hate the Cranford one too.

          2. re: coldbeer

            Coldbeer, I agree 100% with you about Rob's Bistro. I think it would meet the OP's requirements perfectly while Resto would probably be a little too formal.

            On the other hand, I agree 0% with you about Garlic Rose in Madison! I love this place but I do know that some people, and you are obviously one of them, just don't like the whole garlic thing.

          3. Curlz, i just thought the OP wanted to grab something before he taught a course. I wasn't thinking of anything as good as Resto, Il Mondo Vecchio, etc. i thought the Nautilus was Ok for a diner, but I was unaware of its nauseating reputation. i have eaten there a couple of times and lived. i know you are familiar with this area and I defer to your caution.

            Il Mondo Vecchio
            72 Main St Ste 1, Madison, NJ 07940

            77 Main St, Madison, NJ 07940

            1. I believe the Firehouse is in Madison. I like their pizza, and have enjoyed most meals. We usually go with my Sid and BIL and 2 kids, who all have varying tastes-including food allergies.