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May 2, 2011 02:50 PM

Oak Fire Pizza Sherman Oaks-Is it really Deep Dish?

I've been reading lots of conflicitng information regarding Oak Fire Pizza and if they truly serve Chicago Style Deep Dish pizza. Most of the reviews comment on their thin crust pizza and one said they don't serve Deep Dish style. Not interested in thin crust.

My little boy likes Numero Uno, and wants to experience a good /real Deep Dish pizza. - we're talking just a basic Cheese pizza - nothing fancy. Has to be in the San Fernando Valley. Was hoping Oak Fire would be the answer. Looking forward to hearing the real deal on whether Oak FIre fits this bill.


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  1. Yes, they serve deep dish pizza, in one size only, and it takes 45 minutes (so call ahead or plan on eating a salad or an appetizer or what have you).