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May 2, 2011 02:47 PM

Khan's Mongolian, Blauvelt

I've passed this place a couple of times a month for years, it seems. Never went in. Anybody have some info on this place? Looks very spartan from the road, but if it's been there for so many years it's probably a place that should be tried. And Mongolian sounds pretty exotic...

Any CH'ers been to Khans?

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  1. Yeah I go there all the time.. It needs some renovation on the inside, but the food/service is good.
    Basically you build a bowl of raw meat (chicken / beef / pork etc..) and vegetables / noodles. They then cook it on a large round grill with a choice of sauce. They also include a special type of bread and soup.

    I would recommend trying it.

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      What's the pricing like? Are they open for lunch?

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        Pricing is quite reasonable. $15-20 for all you can eat dinner. Which includes soup, a few peel and eat shrimp, a piece or two of shu mai, and ice cream. I wouldn't call it exotic. The buffet consists of noodles, assorted raw meats (lamb is about as exotic as the ingredients get), and veggies. Then there are ingredients to season your food (spicy peppers, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce, cooking wine, etc.), or you can use their prepared sauces. To me, it is a Chinese stir fry but not drowned in sauce.

        Lunch is a little less, but it is only one trip to the buffet and only includes soup.

        If it intrigues you, I suggest you try it soon. The last time we were there, my wife was chatting with the owner and I think he's looking to retire. Which reminds me, we haven't been there for a bit. Time to hit it again when we're over the river.

        And yes it is as spartan inside as it is outside.