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May 2, 2011 02:05 PM

Van selling Asian food at Stanford?

Walking around last weekend, I saw a van marked something like Bon Appetit with the back doors open and some kind of (I think) Asian food being sold by the pound. No menu, no signs or indication what kind of food it was. While eating a dry turkey burger on a dry bun at the nearby Axe & Palm, I noticed that a couple of people had brought in boxes of food from the van. Were they smart? Is ANYTHING good around there?

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  1. Bon Appetit is a catering company that does a lot of business around Stanford. I'm guessing they were just setting up for an event?

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      It sure looked like people were buying food. Also there's a brief reference in the unofficial guide to food trucks selling Asian food. But you may be correct.

    2. It's called NetAppetit. Thai food, sold buffet-style by weight. It's only there (on Santa Teresa St. in front of the Stanford Humanities Center) for like an hour from ~12-1 and if you go closer to 1 you risk them running out of many items. I love it, although mostly because it's cheap-ish and there isn't a lot of good food on the Stanford campus. Depending on how hungry I am, I generally make it out of there for $5-7, which is pretty good by local standards.

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