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May 2, 2011 01:51 PM

New to Me

So I tried a Chili Dog for the first time this weekend. Somehow, I've managed to go my entire life without tasting one. Usually, I'm a mustard and sauerkraut on a hot dog kinda girl. I always assumed, for no particular reason, that chili on a hot dog would taste like baked beans, which I have also never tried.

Anyway, it was terrific - definitely on my junk food radar from now on. So it got me wondering, is there any commonplace, mainstream, everyday food you've never had? If you finally did, were you surprised by the taste?

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  1. Keeping with the wiener theme, I've never had a corn dog.

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    1. re: ttoommyy

      mmm, go have one! with mustard - yum!

      1. re: mariacarmen

        I wouldn't know where to get a decent one in the NYC metro area. That's part of the problem, they're not really big in these parts...that I know of.

    2. In the DC area, we have Ben's Chili Bowl. Never been to the original on U St., but have eaten their chili dogs at ball games. And they're delish!

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      1. re: monavano

        That's funny. I had my first chili dog last week at Ben's Chili Bowl in D.C. and did not care for it at all. I like tomato-y chili over rice and just don't get the gravy type chili like Ben's.

        I also tried a gourmet "whoopie pie" at a different D.C. establishment and while the cake part was great, I don't understand what people see in "fluff."

      2. Now try a chili-cheese dog (either with shredded cheddar or a gloopy, Velveeta-style cheese sauce) or a chili dog topped with creamy cole slaw. Both are awesome as well.

        Baked beans are wonderful too, ideally in a tangy, sweet sauce with bacon, onions, and brown sugar. Bush's makes some good canned varieties.

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          1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

            A chili-cheese dog sounds great. Really, anything with gloopy cheese sounds great. Since I'm trying new things, I'll definitely give the chili-cole slaw a try. Looks like a barbecue one night this week.

          2. I tend to try anything I see on a menu that I've never had and that sounds ok (I've never had and do not care to try raw clams or oysters). But one thing I've never had the opportunity to try in spite of my partial FC heritage, is poutine. Maybe I'll try it just before I die.

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            1. re: junescook

              me too - and almost nothing sounds not ok to me - except maybe eyeballs of some animal, or balut - or ok, anything still moving. I've even had poutine, tho i'm in CA (in Montreal on vacation once. worth a try just to say you did it, but personally not dying to repeat it.)

            2. Mmmmm mmmm! Chili dogs are one of the few fast junk foods I'll indulge in ... just can't resist them. Recently, I started getting kraut + chili and MAN is it a great combo! Savory, meaty + crunchy tart + snappy kind of garlicky dog = happy me.

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              1. re: mangetoutoc

                That sounds great too! The best of both worlds. I am SO getting that.