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May 2, 2011 01:48 PM

Early bird dim sum special at Capital Seafood (Monterey Park)

Capital Seafood in Monterey Park has an early bird special for dim sum. All small, medium, and large dishes go for $1.88 from 8 AM to 1130 AM. This means you need to get the check before 1130AM. The dim sum is medium quality--not quite Elite or Sea Harbour but much better than Yum Cha Cafe. We got there a little after 830 AM. The selection was a bit on the sparse side, but it really picked up by 9 AM--many more carts and larger selection. It was moderately crowded, so I think their promotion deal is rather popular.

There are other dinner specials listed in Chinese, but I was too lazy to translate them.

They also have a takeout location just a few storefronts to the south between Kee Wah bakery and Wing Hop Fung. All dim sum dishes there are $1.88, and there are the usual roast ducks, roast pork, chicken, etc.

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    1. They open the earliest in that area. The couple of times we wanted to go somewhere else for dimsum early in the a .m., we ended up at Capital Seafood because our choice was still closed.

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        Actually, after the change in ownership from a couple of years ago, NBC started opening at 8 am. Also I think New Capital opens earlier than that.

        New Capital
        8823 Garvey Ave, Rosemead, CA

      2. Top Island has similar pricing, and they do it all day, plus they open at 7:30.

        However, the quality is definitely not "medium" ...

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          Can you clarify. Is Top Island good or bad, if not medium?