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Shake Shack

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The website says "spring opening". It's spring! Any word on a precise date or progress at the site?

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  1. Same with Mike Isabella's Graffiato. Different menu, though, I'll guess.

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        Which probably will end up being late June the way restaurant openings go, especially in DC...

      2. I've only been to Shake Shack at their NYC upper east location. Does anyone have experiences with them outside of NYC? Are there any consistency issues? Can't wait until they open!

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          I've been to all the NYC locations, they are all yummy, which is why I am hoping the DC location will be open in time for my visit in late May. There is a regular thread on the Manhattan thread that speaks of differences between the NYC locations, but I haven't heard any comments from those who have been in other states (or countries).

        2. I went to a Shake Shack on Upper East Side a few months ago at the insistence of a foodie friend who vetoed my burger place suggestion as being "not good."

          All of us were disappointed. The burger selection was limited, the prices too high for what we got, and none of us really liked our burger. Oh, and the fries were way too salty. We were marveling at the fact that the place was so crowded at 3:15 on a Sunday.

          I'll probably give them a shot when they come here, but if it's anything like what I had in NYC, I don't think they'll add much to the DC food scene.

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            In the interest of full disclosure - I've never had the hot food! But I am crazy for the frozen custard, particularly the concrete.

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              love the burgers & the concretes!!....I frequent the Madison Square Park location.....

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                On the mezzanine level in Nationals Park, a large portion of the former concessions are closed (including Five Guys..sigh), with banners advertising new vendors coming, including Shake Shack. If a Five Guys burger went for $9, I shudder to think about what the SS ones will cost.

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                  I would definitely also suggest their shroom burger!!! The breading at the cheese melted inside of the portabella is a delight for both vegetarians and meat-eaters!

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                  I know it's only been an hour and a half... but has anyone tried it yet? I'm planning to go after work today to compare to the NY locations.

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                    My office is three doors away and as we speak there is a line out the door and around the block. Might want to give it a few days unless you have a 2 hour lunch break. Cant wait to go though... Maybe Ill stop by sometime this week after work for dinner to go.

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                      Hit up SS today at around 6:50pm. The line ended in front of Public Bar and moved steadily. It took about 15-20 minutes to get through to the counter, making it the shortest SS line I have ever waited in. After ordering, they hand you a pager, and the food was ready in about 5 minutes, as promised. There is a decent amount of seating in the back and an area upstairs. The line was almost at Nando's when I left. They passed out samples of the vanilla and choc frozen custard to greet customers. The vanilla is better than the chocolate since it highlights the thick creaminess of frozen custard. The chocolate is a bit chalky.

                      Having eaten at SS in NYC many times over the years, I would say the fare was very true to form, down to the fresh, crisp lettuce. I ordered the SS burger, fries ($2.65) and Abita root beer on tap and my friend had the 'Shroom burger, a deep fried portobello mushroom bomb filled with muenster and cheddar cheeses as the "patty" ($6.75).

                      The burger, as always, had a nice char, cooked on the rarer side of medium, perfectly melted cheese and a nice balance against cold, fresh lettuce and tomatoes. I always love their potato bun--grilled and soft, but with enough heft and chew to handle the burger. The burgers are not large, and pricey for what you get ($4.75 for a single, $7.25 for a double). If you're hungry, I suggest getting a double. The ridged fries are perfectly fried crisp and golden brown.

                      The frozen custard flavor of the day was cinnamon almond dulce, tomorrow's is red velvet. They had an awesome sounding vanilla infused rhubarb stir-in.

                      The service was pretty solid for opening day. Their only fumble was including pickles in my burger, which I specifically said I didn't want.

                      All in all, if you've been to SS and love it, you will still love it. Otherwise, I can see the detractors soon complaining about the prices and the pseudo upscale-fast-food vibe and heading back to Five Guys or, better yet, Ray's Hell.

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                        Got to Shake Shack at about 6:20p, actually! The line wasn't super long and from the end of the line to having burger in my hands only took about 15 minutes.

                        Ordered the double Shackburger, cheese fries, and a coke to split with my bf. Definitely true to the burgers in NY as oniontears said. One of my friends had the portobello burger, and while he's grown weary and unimpressed with portobello burgers (he's a vegetarian) recently, he said this is the first good one he's had in a while. Another friend of mine ordered the Shack Stack (cheeseburger + shroom burger, shack sauce and the standard burger toppings) and said it was really good but had a bit too much cheese.

                        I had no problems with my service, and the free custard samples for waiting in line on opening day were a nice touch.

                        I pretty much second what oniontears said in his last paragraph. Though I mean, I really love the Shackburger and consider it pretty much the perfect burger, so I'm not going to detract haha!

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                      I'm happy to see they offer 1/2 size concretes. Those things are a billiion calories, and I always say I won't finish the full cup, yet I always do. Now if they would only do the same at the other locations. And for those who are new to SS, get in the C line if you only want cold items. The line is much faster and you won't have to wait behind groups ordering bunches of burgers with a variety of toppings. But be prepared for those in the regular line to scowl at you as you step quickly up to the counter because they don't understand the C line.

                    3. Best Burger in DC!

                      I have never been to any of the NY locations so I cannot compare - but BOY do they make a damn good Burger!

                      I had a double Shack burger, a Shak-cago dog, and a "Fair Shake" (with fairly-traded coffee). the burger was absolutely delicious, not very greasy, and even the double wasn't too large - I know some have complained about the price/size ratio, but I found it fair. The Dog was better than most - And tastes better than chidogos (which i don't like anyway) - The toppings were very fresh and I am curious how a real "Chicagoan" will rate it....The shake was also good, nothing terribly special, just a good, solid vanilla shake with a hint of rich coffee - As it should be for a coffee shake, not slammed with coffee syrup.

                      The burger really does remind me of childhood - The very first to do so - and seems like it came from, well, a "Shack" and not a small chain - The meat seemed very fresh and not cooked to hell, the cheese perfectly gooey and delicious, and the bun was heavenly light and didn't interfere with the burger at all.

                      3pm Wednesday - Line, 4 minutes, wait for food, around 10....

                      1. Does anyone know if you can call in orders ahead of time if they are large...say close to $100?

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                          Definitely. 202-683-9922. They also have fax options but not sure of that number.

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                            and small orders...? I was thinking it might be fun take out on Sunday night when my husband comes back from training and he'll be starving

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                              That's excellent news. We want to do an office lunch with Shake Shack but seems silly to have 8+ people stand in line if we can order ahead and a few people just go to pick it up.

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                                Btw I called them today about taking orders by the phone. We didn't have enough people. They said they would do it if it was something like 30 burgers needed. Otherwise we have to stand in line. Can't wait to try it anyway this Friday!!!

                          2. It's a good burger overall, but I would not say the patties are anything other than well done, or medium well at best. I had the double shackburger. Topping choices are limited. I personally felt the patties were a little salty. Bread was great, few toppings that are offered are fresh and crisp (lettuce, tomato, onions).

                            Fries are crinkle cut, yukon golds. Not a fan, but better than I expected. If the line is not long, It's a good burger to have.

                            1. went tonight - pretty short line, pretty short wait for food. I broke down and had a meat burger (not something I normally do) because the fried mushroom wasn't something I was up for today. Husband had the a DOUBLE mushroom burger - he was so excited after two weeks straight of crappy military food!
                              Burger was really tasty but I also think a lot of that was how good the pickles are. yum.
                              Fries were good, but we both like Good Stuff fries better - and the dips.

                              Splurged and had the red velvet custard with a little marshmallow sauce on top. HEAVEN. Why must this exist?!?! It has chunks of georgetown cupcakes in it - and it isn't coyingly sweet like I thought it might be. Delicious. Available Sundays in May so if you don't get this tonight, go next week!!!

                              1. I finally hit the SS yesterday after years of visiting NYC and pining away while looking at that ridiculous line that is always there. I got there on a Tuesday about 4:30. I was second in line. I got a double shack burger and a peanut butter shake (I'd heard the fries are mediocre, and I'm happy to trade fries for a shake any day).

                                I thought the burger was very good. Really juicy, which I love, and good toppings, especially the pickles. The one thing that makes this burger really stand out for me though is the bun, which I think is a crucial component.. It is the PERFECT hamburger bun - soft, but not too soft and there seems to be something about it (probably that it is still together on one side, i.e. it isn't cut the whole way through) that doesn't allow the burger to slide out like Five Guys burgers do.

                                But the shake... wow! LOVED it! It was extremely creamy and smooth and very peanut-buttery. The creaminess must be caused by a very high fat content, but i don't wanna know! Excellent shake - 2nd best in town (after Good Stuff!).

                                I also had a chance to try the Washington Monu-mint concrete - chocolate custard with mint marshmallow sauce and a chocolate mint candy. I liked it a lot; the custard is really good here, but the chunks in it tasted a bit weird and artificially chewy to me, but perhaps I'm nitpicking. For my personal taste, in the future, I'll go for a shake instead. I want to try the black and white and the chocolate - though It will be hard not to get the PB again as I liked it so much.

                                It's too expensive for what it is, but what around here isn't? I'll be back - but good as it was, you still won't see me in a one-hour-plus line waiting for it. It's good to know they have a "C Line" for ice cream and cold drinks only. This line is usually short to non-existent. If there is a huge line, I'd get a shake and be happy with it.

                                I'm very glad SS set up shop in DC!

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                                    it's a shame you didn't get to try the red velvet custard - SO good.

                                    1. re: Jeserf

                                      It sounds good - I'm sure I'd love it!

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                                        it was REALLY good - you can see the rotating custard offerings on their web site...it's updated for June. Coffee and Donut flavor on saturday....good lord they really don't want me to be healthier do they?!

                                  2. I went to SS tonight for the second time. Despite loving the Shack Burger and peanut butter shake last time, I went for the 'shroom burger and the black and white shake tonight. Both were disappointing. The 'shroom burger I wouldn't order again, and since I'm not a vegetarian, I don't have to. The mushroom was very small, maybe half the diameter of the bun. It also was breaded and deep-fried, and tasted greasy to me. Lots of cheese inside, which oozed out - that was nice. I'll get another shack burger next time - or maybe I'll try one of their hot dogs. The only other black and white shake I've had was at Good Stuff. This one was no competition. At GS, they put a lot of hot fudge around the sides of the cup, then they put vanilla shake in the cup, so you are continually getting globs of hot fudge up your straw that mix with the vanilla shake - delicious. At SS, they put the vanilla custard and the hot fudge in a blender, so it tastes like, well, a chocolate shake. Since they also have chocolate shakes on the menu, I wonder what the difference is. We also shared fries, which were good, very hot with crispy outsides and soft insides.

                                    I liked it less this time than last time, but I'll be back!

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                                      I actually think one of the 'signatures' of the 'shroom burger is the cheese dripping out. I've read that somewhere. I LOVE good stuff's 'shroom burger but haven't had the Shake Shack one - too fattening...haven't even had GSE's in a looong time. When we went, my husband had a double 'shroom burger. hehe.

                                      1. re: Jeserf

                                        I've never had the one at GSE - and I won't have this one again. It was very disappointing. It was the deep-fried aspect that I didn't like. Is GSE's deep-fried?

                                        1. re: woodleyparkhound

                                          yes - they're the same burger. Doesn't the description of the one at Shake Shack say it's fried? I thought it did....I haven't had it at Shake Shack. I won't eat them just because of how fatty/caloric they are but I really like the GSE one and gather I'd like to the Shake Shack one - hubby said they're basically the same.