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Central Texas Hot Guts Project

scrumptiouschef May 2, 2011 12:06 PM

I'm back in research mode. This time it's for a piece on hot guts in Central Texas.

The big two in Elgin lost their way years ago so I'm not interested in the dumbed down version they're selling.

I need the genuine article. Hot sausage, homemade, smoked and served with crackers the way they're intended to be eaten.

Preferably within 90 or so miles of Austin.

Where are y'all getting your hot guts these days?

  1. l
    luckieford Sep 2, 2011 06:11 PM

    You have to try City Meat Market in Giddings. My favorite and have been the same taste and quality for decades now!

    City Meat Market Great B-B-Q
    101 W Austin St, Giddings, TX 78942

    1. p
      paul balbin Jul 25, 2011 05:42 AM

      I wonder if any one could help me. I am looking for a receipt for Elgin type beef sausage, preferably
      old style or pre dumbed down. Google has failed me.

      1. t
        The Eater Jul 16, 2011 07:19 AM

        Reading brucesw's response, I'm wondering if the motherlode might be in the southern fringes of the old German/Czech belt between Houston and, say, Gonzales (to wit: Lavaca County). When I was a kid, my grandfather swore on sausage from Bellville -- Waak's, as I recall. I suspect the part of the German/Czech belt more directly west of Austin has been vetted out and the major players have been sussed out.

        Just an inarticulate hunch, but the southern fringe of historic German/Czech settlement is little further afield from Austin and may have been more impenetrable over the years to marauding food writers. I know there's a funky spot in Belmont (on 90A) that has advertised hot sausages forever, and there are meat markets in Gonzales and Hallettsville that I've never stopped at that (I'm pretty sure) sell hot links ... then you're not so far from La Grange -- might make a good trip out of Seguin if you go back to Davila's and beyond . . .

        1. w
          waistedinkerrville Jun 24, 2011 09:09 AM

          I bought 15 lbs of Southside's sausage a few years ago. It is long gone, but I still have my tee saying "I love their guts." I thought it rather good, especially after having Kaspar's. But then, I like Wolf Brand Chili and Maid-Rites. Wuddoino?

          1. b
            brucesw May 3, 2011 07:01 AM

            Pardon my iggnernce - hot guts = hot links? I've never known if they are the same.

            Not a big fan of hot links so haven't looked for it and these may all be outside your range but:

            La Grange Smokehouse lists it. I've driven by several times but never stopped:


            Also never stopped at Prause in downtown La Grange; can't find a website and reviews mention saltines but not hot links.

            Vincek's in East Bernard makes hot links and serves bbq on premises but I don't know if they have the hot links ready to eat.

            I saw hot links at Nowak's in downtown El Campo but they told me they don't make their own and they don't serve anything on premises.

            Looks like nearby Praseks and Jr's, outside El Campo, don't even make hot links, nor does Austin's in Eagle Lake.

            Reports on Nowak's, Vincek's, Jr's and Austin's on my blog.

            I'm way behind on reading your blog - have been real busy - but looking forward to reading your findings.


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