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May 2, 2011 11:24 AM

Election night drinking

So, not having the benefit of a television, I was hoping to keep abreast of all electoral news at one of our esteemed local watering holes.

Anybody have any suggestions?

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  1. I wonder who will be televising this? As always, I suggest Saint Bock. Perhaps call to see if they will have coverage (most likely in French if they do)?

    1. Green Party of Canada will be at the Pub Quartier Latin, Bloc Quebecois at Theatre Telus, NDP at the Rialto, the Rhinoceros Party at l'Alizé (it'll be a toss up between the Rhinos and the NDP which one will be more fun) and will be at Benelux and if I hear of any more I'll post 'em here