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May 2, 2011 10:55 AM

Sakil Pa'k at El Molino Central [Boyes Hot Springs]

Sakil Pa'k is the name of the incredible pumpkin seed salsa from El Molino Central (Boyes Hot Springs - lots of other posts on this one). I am usually in Boyes Hot Springs once a month, and have been stopping at El Molino Central on the way home. As others have noted, everything is delicious, especially anything with their wonderful house ground masa (tortillas, tamales, chips) and anything with their fantastic mole. But this stuff is just unbelievably delicious, savory, complex and just hot enough. I got it once last year, and then they didn't have it for months, and then last month they did. I have never seen this anywhere else and never tasted anything quite like it. The name doesn't really look like a Mexican word to me. I know that it contains ground pumpkin seeds and habenero chili, but does anyone else know just what it is and what its origins are? It's not often that I taste something entirely new to me, especially Mexican food. It's so addicting!

El Molino Central
11 Central Avenue, Boyes Hot Springs, CA 95476

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  1. I've had that at Sea Salt, great stuff. It's Yucatecan. Google sikil p'ak or zikil p'ak.

    Sea Salt
    2512 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702

    1. I bought it once, quite a while ago at Primavera at Ferry Plaza. It was great!

      1. I had a chance to try the version made by Chaac Mool when I judged the Salsa Showdown in San Francisco. Don't know if it's part of the regular menu, but here's a link to the recipe.

        Chaac Mool
        Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA 94123

        1. I had my first meal at El Molino today. It certainly won't be my last. They had a bowl of Sikil P'ak next to the cash register to taste with chips and also to go in the cold chest. We had already ordered guacamole and chips when we tasted it, and we both wished we had gotten the sikil instead. (Although the guacamole was excellent.) Don't be put off by the habanero - it isn't terribly spicy.
          We also split (the portions are big) the best tamale I have ever had. It was filled with mushrooms, spinach, chipotle, and cheese. Unbelievably moist and flavorful.It came with a cabbage salad that added another flavor dimension. I wish I had had room for more, so I'll just have to go back very soon!