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May 2, 2011 10:50 AM

Looking for gluten-free samosas

Anyone know where I can get a tray of gluten-free samosas? Westside or better.

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  1. Never heard of "...gluten-free samosas..." but I hope we find them. I have a friend that really misses her samosas since adopting a gluten-free diet!

    1. Googled it. Dunno if you can buy these straight from the packet (as we in britain like to say) in L.A but apparently you make gluten free one's by using 'particular' ingredients. Dunno more than that, I can't afford me rent let alone ingredients for pastry, so didn't decide to read much into it.

      1. There is a samosa manufacturing company based out of Canada who specialize in gluten free samosas. They are a wholesaler company. Perhaps check them out.