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Mother's Day suggestions for Manchester/Nashua?

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Hi, I'm looking for Mother's Day lunch suggestions for Manchester or Nashua. Trying to stay away from a bland buffet at a hotel kind of thing. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. What about Pickity Place in Mason? A bit of a drive, but the food is yummy!

    1. You could go for fried clams and ice cream at Cremeland...definitely local color! Also looks like Cafe Momo is open again after a winter hiatus: http://www.cafemomonh.com/view/index.php

      1. Giorgio's in Milford does a nice Sunday buffet from 10 to 1, with extended hours till 3 on Mother's Day. We really enjoyed it a few weeks ago; they have egg dishes, made-to-order omelettes, a carving station, and chef's specials. Complimentary mimosas, a nice selection of pastries, and a chocolate fountain. Reservations aren't usually required, but you might want to check for Mother's Day.


        1. Just saw that Lucia's Tavola in Brookline will be open 12-8...excellent food.

          Lucia's Tavola
          181 Route 13, Brookline, NH 03033

          1. A fancy MD lunch can be had at the Bedford Village Inn--not your bland hotel buffet. We got an email from them today, so there must still be availability. They're doing a 4-course meal in the dining room, a buffet brunch in the Great Hall and a la carte in the Tavern.

            1. Lucias Tavola and BVI are solid recommendations. Ive never cared for Giorgios. Sundays are tricky as alot of places are closed or limited hours. Michael Timothys or Kitchen, whatever it is called now is always good. Surf is too, but would have to check if they decided to open for the occasion.

              Picolla in Manchester is another..

              Michael Timothy's
              212 Main St., Nashua, NH 03060

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                Surf is normally closed Sundays, but their Facebook pages says they are open from 3-8 on Sunday. That may be a little late for the OP who was looking for lunch suggestions. Since their redo, Michael Timothy's ditched Sunday brunch, not sure if they open for lunch on Mother's Day.

                Michael Timothy's
                212 Main St., Nashua, NH 03060

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                  "but would have to check if they decided to open for the occasion."

                  1. re: ctroutman

                    Mother's Day, like Valentine's Day, is probably one of the worst days to go out to a restaurant. I'm probably saying this because my mother is 3000 miles away and I'm feeling the guilt-ridden angst of being a bad son.

                    1. re: whs

                      Regardless of your reason for saying this, it is absolutely true.

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                        NONSENSE WHS! I think your mom's VERY proud she has a wonderful son - with GREAT chow taste! If possible, just give her a call to tell her how much you miss & love her - it will make her day! I think that's even better than going out to a restaurant that's gonna be too crowded,noisy, & probably not on their "A" game due to the stress. And, as my mom used to say, "Every day is Mother's Day" so you can celebrate her ANY time that you're able to be together - even if it's just by phone!

                        Wish I could make a call to my mom but unfortunately, I lost that option 3 years ago. But, I know she's still "around" watching over me, & I know she's proud of me ......... most of the times. (Hey, no one is perfect. ; ) )

                2. mmm Richards Bistro would b my vote in manch or MTs of nashua......but Oickety Place is not only great food, it's a very uniqye + special event/place particularly fr mothers day......the grounds are beautiful