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Excellent Dinner at Talulah's Garden

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We finally had our first dinner at Talulah's Garden last night (we had a previous reservation on April 13, but they canceled us because they weren't open yet). We were greeted warmly upon our arrival. The garden was beautiful but it was too nasty for anyone to eat there. After a review of the menu we ordered the Veloute of Pea with Squid (me) and the Gnudi (DH) for our appetizers and the Scallops (me and the Halibut with Artichokes (DH). After I short wait I received my glass of cabernet and a dish of warm brioche rolls with ramp butter was brought. Delicious!.

The pea soup was served in a large oval bowl with squid ink lining the bottom -- it gradually infused the soup. The soup was excellent. My husband liked the onions and sauce in whcih the gnudi were resting more than the relatively bland gnudi themselves.The scallops (5 nice-sized scallops) and the halibut (2 good-size pieces with 2 stuffed artichokes) were both delicious. I specify the number of scallops because I had read (on another site) complaints about small portions but we found the portions perfectly adequate.

My husband ordered a dessert -- it was a rhubarb chibouste(?) which was a round pastry topped with a mass or rhubarb pieces neatly lined up, and that in turn topped with a meringue which was brule, and this was accompanied by a rhubarb sorbet..I tasted the desert and it was very very good. I had coffee served in a French press and DH had a pot of tea.

The restaurant became very busy as our dinner went on and we spotted Stephen Starr dining there. The service was very attentive and warm. We enjoyed our meal very much and will return. The bill for two people including 1 glass of wine was $112 including tax but before tip.

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  1. Very good review. Thank you.

    1. Wonderful review Beulah. How was the noise level in the restaurant? You said it was busy..

      Also, I am guessing the entrees cost ~30 dollars each. For two apps, two entrees, one dessert, coffee/tea and one glass of wine to exceed 100 dollars they would have to.

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        The noise level was OK -- we could hear ourselves talk. The entrees cost about $25-26 -- that total included the tax. The wine was $12.