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May 2, 2011 09:17 AM

Grillo's Pickles truck at Park Street

Had my first Grillo's pickles this weekend. We grabbed a two for a buck hot pickles, and they were so good that we circled back and grabbed two packages of dill and hot pickles after seeing the Edward Gorey exhibit at the Boston Athenaeum (well worth seeing if you are so inclined).

These are some great pickles, crisp with fresh dill taste, and the hot are nice and spicy, the plastic tub came with a whole habenaro pepper! Great stuff! Check them out if you can.

Boston Athenaeum
10 1 2 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02108

Grillo's Pickles
Park Street Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02122

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  1. They are also available ar Lambert's on Tremont. If yiu get a craving and the cart isn't out.

    Tremont Cafe
    418 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116

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    1. re: 9lives

      On their website they say they are abailable at Stop and Shop Allston (I've never seen them there), and Whole Foods Brighton (again never seen them there). I'm going to have to find where they're sold, since it's not easy for me to get downtown, and I know I'm going to want more of these delicious pickles!

      1. re: kimfair1

        They will be in/around produce at both stores.
        Even at Whole Foods, they have some other pickles near the prepared foods section...but Grillo's are always in produce.

      2. re: 9lives

        I was at the MayFair in Cambridge on Sunday and the Grillo's cart was selling a sampler - one hot spear, one plain spear, carrots, and a slice of green tomato. This combo may be old news to non-suburbanites, but as for me I'd never had anything but the pickles. Wow.

        As for location, yeah, I always see them at any Whole Foods I'm in, in the produce section.

        1. re: fesenjan

          I bought an especially good batch at the Whole Foods in Newton last Friday (Washington Street)

      3. Back Bay Shaw's sells them too, but I enjoy getting them direct from the cart...its all part of the experience for me.

        1. Thanks for the replies, I'm grocery shopping at Stop and Shop tonight, I'll be on the lookout!

          1. I have a container of Grillo's cucumber pickles and another of pickled carrot sticks in my refrigerator right now. Love them. I buy them at the Whole Foods in Hingham.

            1. I just found Grillo's pickles at Farmland in Wakefield.