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May 2, 2011 07:01 AM

Crawfish still available?

Greetings to everyone on this board! A big thank you for your great postings. My wife and I are visiting this coming weekend and have a great lined up, mostly based on your posts (our line up is below). I'll be sure to provide a summary after we get back.

A question for the group - is crawfish still available since it's a little late in the season. If so, where could we get some?

Trip plan - Arriving Saturday and leaving Tuesday -

Sat -
Lunch @ Cochon Butcher
Dinner @ Feast
Late night snack @ Open

Sun -
Breakfast @ Stanley's
Lunch @ OPEN but thinking about French Market/Central Grocery
Dinner @ Le Foret

Mon -
Breakfast @ OPEN
Lunch @ Commander's Palace
Afternoon snack @ Parasol's, Mahony's, & Domilise's - Yes, we'll probably eat at all 3
Dinner @ Open - Uptown somewhere, hoping for crawfish

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  1. Yes. Not late in the season. Got a late start. Some say hasnt yet peaked. All the ones Ive been seeing (quite a bit) over the past few weeks are still on the small side and soft shells.

    1. Not a fan of Stanley for breakfast. Would substitute EAT for breakfast on Sunday and Roux on Orleans (Orleans between Bourbon and Royal in the Bourbon Orleans Hotel) for Monday.

      Dining in: The Galley in Metairie;
      Take out: Schaeffer & Rusich, in Bucktown; or Big Fisherman on Magazine St.

      Eat Restaurant
      900 Dumaine St, New Orleans, LA 70116

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      1. re: TaTee

        high drink prices aside, i have to weigh in on enjoying Stanley's for breakfast more so than Eat. i like their seafood w/ poached egg dishes, the breakfast poboy, the pancakes, and the housemade ice creams and malts.

      2. Also, Yo Mama's has crawfiish boils if you don't wish to leave the quarter. Call for times.

        1. Central Grocery is closed Sunday and Monday, so if you want one of those great muffs, you'd better go on Saturday.

          1. Apparently all the cooks & staff left Parasol's left when it was bought out and are now at Tracey's right up the block on Magazine. We stopped in for some snacks and drinks (no room left over for a poboy after lunch!) and the fries and fried okra were delicious and it is a great, giant space with lots of light and high ceilings. I would highly recommend checking it out !