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May 2, 2011 06:13 AM

How times have changed

See below. (Picture did not attach first time.)

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  1. From the July 1970 issue of Life magazine. See attached.

    The copy reads:

    We know it sounds odd--but it can work.
    Spoil your appetite by eating something with sugar.
    Sugar works faster than any other food to turn your appetite "down,"
    your energy "up."
    Then, when mealtime comes, you're less apt to overeat.
    Willpower never tasted so good.
    Sugar...only 18 calories per teaspoon, and it's all energy.

    General Post Office Box 94, New York, NY 10001

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      1. re: ttoommyy

        I remember reading somewhere that back around 1960 a man's doctor advised him to eat half a pound of lunchmeat (and nothing else) for lunch every day. We are talking, like, baloney and salami. The idea then was that this constituted a pure protein diet that would help control weight. But then the man had a heart attack (lunchmeat is high fat etc) and he sued the doctor.

      2. Wow. I think that was just about the time that cheeseburgers were being advertised as "health food".

        1. in the UK they used to advertise ' go to work on an egg' presumably that meant it was ok to eat an egg or two per day - now it's too much cholesterol! I also remember '6 slices a day is the well balanced way' regarding bread.

          then there was the big ingredient in Coke!

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          1. re: smartie

            Nope, now they're back to eggs being okay.

            Can't remember who said it, but agree fully with whomever it was who said that after reading about all the things that you should give up because they're unhealthy, I've decided to give up reading.

            1. re: sunshine842

              beats giving up eating. ehh fuck 'em all just monitor your BP, cholesterol and BMI.

            2. re: smartie

              eggs have long been proven to not raise your cholesterol. i eat at least one egg a day, usually two. my cholesterol is awesome.

              1. re: smartie

                The egg phobia thing has been disproven. Eggs are very good for you.

              2. I'm so glad eggs are "OK to eat now!" I love them. DH has a bit of a cholesterol issue, so we don't overindulge, but we enjoy than more now than ever.
                I also don't get all these "healthy chefs" who espouse eating egg whites only. You miss out on so many nutrients that way. I use Egg Beaters or the like, but generally cut in a few real eggs when making dishes such as frittata.

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                1. re: monavano

                  Egg Beaters are probably not very good for you.

                2. Dr. Melik: This morning for breakfast he requested something called wheat germ, organic honey, and tiger’s milk.

                  Dr. Aragon: Oh, yes. Those are the charmed substances that some years ago were thought to contain life-preserving properties.

                  Dr. M: You mean there was no deep fat? No steak or cream pies or hot fudge?

                  Dr. A: Those were thought to be unhealthy—precisely the opposite of what we now know to be true.

                  From the 1973 Woody Allen movie“Sleeper,” in which Woody's character, a former health food store owner, wakes up after being asleep for 200 years.

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                  1. re: ricepad

                    That is the best commentary on the matter ever.

                    1. re: buttertart

                      Also from Sleeper, the scene where Drs Melik and Aragon offer Miles a cigarette to calm him down: "It's tobacco! The healthiest thing in the world!"

                      OK, so that's pure fantasy, but a very funny bit nonetheless.