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May 2, 2011 06:13 AM

May 2011 Openings and Closings

Yup, it's May already (although it felt like early April waking up today), and it looks like more restaurant openings are on the way, including Mija over by Quincy Market (Mexican), Jaho Coffee and Tea in the South End, and BrickYard Pizzeria and Burger Bar in Woburn. Any closings imminent that you know of?

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  1. BWX, Boston Wine Exchange on Devonshire, near D'Guru has taken over the space next door. I think the plan is to add more wine and higher end foods and sandwiches.

    D'Guru Restaurant
    185 Devonshire St, Boston, MA 02110

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    1. re: 9lives

      That sounds cool... BWX has a great selection but I didn't think it would last long. Rent's gotta be high and nobody really lives around there. I only ever see bike messengers picking up beers or people grabbing bottles of wine on the way home from work. Never seen more than 2 people in line.

      1. re: 9lives

        One of the guys who works at BWX told me the expansion was mostly for improving their craft beer selection. It was good to begin with, now hopefully it'll be great.

        Federal Wine and Spirits is also planning on improving their beer selection now that they have a new beer buyer and worked some things out with distributors.
        Things are looking up for people looking for good brew in the downtown area.

      2. When Pigs Fly will be opening up in JP on Centre St. It's in one of the new storefronts where the realty office was burned down.

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        1. re: 66corvair

          Yippeedippee, love that bread. I use a wheelchair, and the Brookline store is down stairs. Haven't been to Davis Sq yet.

          1. re: bluepotato2

            just fyi, the davis store has a ramp as its entry. congrats on the new one being near you; i'm a huge fan.

          2. re: 66corvair

            So excited about this one. We need a place to get good bread in JP. Now if only we could get a place with good groceries.... :-)

          3. I felt sad to notice that Carey's Catch fish market (on Mass Ave, at Lexington-Arlington line) has closed its' doors.

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            1. re: digga

              but you are going to have the fresh pond seafood folks soon in arlington, so that's good for you i hope.

            2. Espresso Love is going to be opening on Broad Street in the Financial District. Looks like possibly next weekend for a soft opening.

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              1. re: hiddenboston

                Where on Broad? I haven't noticed it.

                1. re: mkfisher

                  33 Broad Street, which is near...Water Street, I think?

                  1. re: hiddenboston

                    Thanks... Market (the other one) is in that building too. I guess I'll have to walk by on my way home tonight and check it out. Could be promising for those like me that live in the area. Broad Street (the other end of it) is also getting Jason Santos' new place, but that sounds like a June opening.

              2. Not personally my thing, but looks like a new cupcake store is opening/opened on Main St. in Hingham 2 doors down from Atlantic Bagel (I like these bagels).

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                1. re: CocoDan

                  So many different things have been in that space over the years. Hope the cupcake place works out.

                  Next door Hingham Video....sniff sniff. Story of my childhood.

                  1. re: CocoDan

                    I went in there last weekend and was very surprised. They had three or four types of cupcakes, all vanilla in appearance, though I believe one was lemon. Frosting looked supermarket style. No personality in the store. No aromas. Thought there would be some variety, innovation, and energy. Not so much.

                    1. re: Pomegranate Martini

                      Thanks for the tip. I was planning on staying away anyway. I do like Alantic Bagel though.