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May 2, 2011 06:09 AM

Dreamin' of Paris - good takeaway recommendations

We will be going to Paris for four days in early July as part of a "layover" from Dubai to the US.

I'm already hungrily considering which restaurants to reserve at, but based on our past dining experiences if we have a long lunch we prefer to only have a simple meal that evening and walk out for ice cream somewhere.

What would be the recommended "takeaway" places where we can buy a few items to take back to our hotel or to a park bench? Gourmet delis and other small shops that may sell a roasted chicken, slabs of pates and salads? From what I remember Paris is dotted with these "gourmet to go" shops but does anyone have a favourite standout?

I've heard that Astier has a takeaway service? Is this true or not?

Any suggestions are heartily welcomed. We're staying at the Hotel De la Porte Doree in the 12 ar, on the avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris. Selected primarily because of Vandermeersch across the street :) But we won't mind traveling across the city for decent takeaway fare.

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  1. If you search under picnic and market, you will access a wealth of info. I know I write about twice a month at least on where all the Paris markets are and when they are open.
    I don't remember Astier or any other resto having a takeaway.
    Daumesnil. A great farmers market march├ęs de producteurs de pays is held on a weekend in May there. You can easily google the info of the exact dates.
    A recent hound picnic took place in the St-Gilles-Grand-Veneur rose garden, with roast chicken and other stuff from the Richard Lenoir market and from the fins fonds of hound fridges...

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      I think that Roland is thinking of Jeanne A, Astier's epicerie around the corner on J.P.Timbaud. This is a "hike" from Porte Doree, but what a good address! If you jumped the #8 metro line (direction Balard) and got off at Filles du Calvaire, you'd be within a half dozen blocks of Jeanne A. where you could pick up a variety of salads, roast chicken or meats, desserts. Can I come, too?

    2. Stephane Jego does an astonishing takeaway at Chez L'Ami Jean. It's 25Euros per person and a bargain. I did it for a home party, ordered for 3 and there was easily enough food for 6. There was a hamper of different saucisses, butter, cornichons, bread, a tin of pate du campagne, a platter of cold eel in aspic that was incredible, another dish that am forgetting right now, an assortment of puddings, and a vat of that rice pudding. Nicely packaged in those tins so you can eat on the plane too! I believe you have to order 24 hours in advance.

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        Hmmm. TSA let you get on the plane with a vat of rice pudding in your carry on? I'm not sure I'd risk that.

        1. re: mangeur

          I wasn't even able to take a petit pot of yogurt through security last September -- how I hated to give up that excellent jar (with an abundance of vanilla bean).

          1. re: Nancy S.

            And you should hear a friend yelp about the confiscated 500gr of caramel au beurre sale sauce.

            1. re: mangeur

              The year before I lost a jar of Christine Ferber jam as well. One would have thought that I had learned from my mistake.

        2. re: Bill Strzempek

          Oooh! That looks like a fabulous option. All the descriptions of the rice pudding have been so tempting so it's a good solution to get a taste of it without having to dine at the restaurant.

          Thanks for the suggestions so far. I'm eagerly looking forward to a taste of civilisation in Paris after living in Dubai for too long.