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May 2, 2011 05:58 AM

Hockessin, DE--dinner out?

A friend lives in Hockessin, and we'll be visiting.
Any suggestions for dinner out? With the family, so casual is fine.

Drive to Wilmington might be the better option?

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  1. Six Paupers is a decent choice for a casual meal with the family. It will not blow you away, but the food is fine and they have a reasonably good beer list.

    Kennett Square is closer to Hockessin than Wilmington, actually, so you can consider options there too.

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    1. re: travelmad478

      +2 on Six Paupers. Good, solid American food. If you are in the mood for good Asian, try Pinang... .

      217 Louviers Dr, Newark, DE 19711

      1. re: genevapics

        I always find 6Paupers expensive for what you get. The food's just OK.

        Agreed on Pinang, though

        217 Louviers Dr, Newark, DE 19711

        1. re: sal_acid

          I agree on the food quality of Six Paupers but I don't find it expensive (the salads in particular are gigantic and easily boxed up for a second meal). If the OP is looking for something family-friendly, it works. bluehensfan's suggestion of Sovana is definitely better food-wise, but it's probably not great for kids.

          I will have to try Pinang, after the mentions on this board. It's not in Hockessin, though.

          Also in Hockessin is Cafe Reve (formerly Over Coffee Cafe) in Lantana Square. I have not been there for dinner, but the breakfast/brunch/lunch stuff is good and it is definitely family friendly. Website is

          217 Louviers Dr, Newark, DE 19711

    2. I'd consider Red Fire in Lantana Sq.

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      1. re: gfweb1

        I agree that Six Paupers is pretty mediocre for what you get charged. If you want a really good meal head to Sovana Bistro up the road in Kennett Square.

      2. Personally, I'd forget about dinner out and get a couple subs from Casipulla's (absolutely first rate subs). Not much in the way of tables though.

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          1. re: sal_acid

            + 1 on that. I have never been able to understand the exalted reputation of this place.

              1. re: travelmad478

                Excellent subs and much better than Pickles and Chips on Foulk Road. But for dinner? Hardly.

                1. re: scoopG

                  sorry man -- I live in sub hell (Virginia).

                2. re: travelmad478

                  The hoagies at The Well are pretty good. Best in Hockessin, I think.