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May 2, 2011 05:22 AM

Hicksville, Long Island - Dinner with Mom rec's

NOT FOR MOTHERS DAY......looking for a spot (no seafood please - she's allergic) in the Hicksville area to go out to dinner, Nothing high end, but no fast food either. We are kind of pub people and she is not that into Asian food - although I personally am a foodie and will eat anything...lol

So, hopefully some of you LI's can help out. I have not been there in years. So literally have no clue as to where to eat a nice dinner with Mom when I go for a visit in a couple of weeks

Like to spend $30pp or less

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  1. I like the Milleridge Inn, just north of Hicksville in Jericho.

    It has been serving food for over three hundred years. I like the food and ambiance, but have not been there in a while. Make reservations if you go at a popular time.


    Milleridge Inn
    585 N Broadway, Jericho, NY 11753

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      That's what I was going to suggest. I've never been disappointed there.

    2. Although not Hicksville, I'd recommend BK Sweeney's in Bethpage - just a little to the east of Hicksville. Comfortable & pub-ish with decent food.

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        Unless your mom's hair is dyed blue/silver I'd avoid Milleridge. Seniors seem to love it. It's also the place business groups go for cheap rubber chicken dinners. The food is bland. The roils frozen and thawed--sometimes. I'd sooner eat in Ruby Tuesday at the Broadway Mall. Hicksville has an abundance of Asian eateries. Consider West East Bistro on S. Broadway, which offers modern American fare as well as Asian offerings.

        West East Bistro
        758 S. Broadway, Hicksville, NY 11801

      2. I think Crossroads Restaurant on Rte. 107 @ the intersection of Bloomingdale Rd., and New South R. is excellent! Plenty of great italian, steak, and pub fare. One of the best around. Their porterhouse is fantastic as well as the steak pizziola. Bar is seperated from the restaurant for noise.