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May 2, 2011 05:05 AM

Good Italian in Baltimore for a Graduation dinner?

Not super gourmet - just solid, good Italian with a "family" feel? Down for a few days for graduation with family also form out of town. And we think everyone will be happy with Italian.

Let me know when recommending if we might need reservations. group is less than 10

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  1. I like La Tavola in Little Italy. Have enjoyed their Italian seafodd sald and veal in cream sauce in particular.

    1. Had some good group meals at DaMimmo's. Nice place, decent food.

      1. Cingiale has great food, a lovely room, and can handle crowds up to ten. Highly recommend it. Need reservations

        1. La Scala on Eastern Avenue, has some nice "private areas' for celebrations!!

          La Scala
          1012 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21202

          1. Most of the restos in Little Italy are clip joints. That certainly includes Da Mimmo and La Scala. Cinghiale is excellent, but much more expensive, very high gloss, hard to say it has a "family" feel to it. Have not eaten at La Tavola.

            Two possibilities, one in Little Italy and one proximate to it: Cafe Gia and Piedigrotta. Both very solid and family run. The latter is primarily a bakery and breakfast/lunch spot. But by arrangement, Bruna will prepare a dinner served there, 3-4 courses and BYOB. My family threw a surprise birthday dinner for me there last year and it was excellent.

            Cafe Gia
            410 S High St, Baltimore, MD 21202

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              I used to enjoy Trattoria Petrucci back in the 80s, but since the construction of Oriole Park at Camden Yards, prices in Little Italy have reached stratospheric levels for often mediocre food. The highly politically incorrect Spanish phrase, "se acuesta mas que un hijo bobo" comes to mind. I gotta admit the local restaurant owners are up front, as they have traditionally referred to themselves collectively as the Little Italy Restaurant Association (LIRA).