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May 2, 2011 03:25 AM

Where to eat near Wiltons Music Hall? (London)

I'm taking my brother and his American partner to Iolanthe at Wiltons on Friday. It's near Tower Hill tube and the Tower of London. Is there anywhere half-decent to eat before the show? Wiltons does snacks but they're pretty dire.

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  1. Hi Jenny -- St Katharine's Dock is nearby to Wiltons and whenever I've gone to a performance there I've eaten at one of the restaurants before the show. There are mostly chain restaurants but it is convenient. Maybe someone can come up with something more adventurous.

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    1. re: qnseats

      I'd be more inclined to eat at Rosemary Lane.

      1. re: deansa

        Thanks for the Rosemary Lane tip, Deansa. We got lost on the way so had limited time but the food was excellent (wine less so). Seared tuna salad with black and white sesame seeds on a shredded salad of spring onions and cucumber, with blobs of intense cucumber essence and a Japanese herb i've never had before called I think chusu, with a marvellously elusive taste. Marvellous melting chocolate pudding with Valencia orange ice cream.

        1. re: Jenny Sheridan

          Your meal sounds amazing, it's making me really want to go! Is there a set menu/prix fixe available in the evenings or weekends? Am on a student budget, unfortunately, so £20 on a main course is a bit high.

          1. re: astereilla

            There is a set meal but it wasn't on when I went there. The salad was a first course but was quite generous and cost I think £9.

          2. re: Jenny Sheridan

            Glad you enjoyed it. I find you don't get the corporatey, polished, done-this-dish-thousands-of-times perfection and consistency of the bigger kitchens, but the enthusiasm and creativity of her cooking really comes through in the food, and makes me enjoy my meal each time I'm there. Had a very nice tasting menu there one Saturday, too!

            1. re: deansa

              I've not heard of this place before, sounds like a little gem (but they need to update their website - 'festive menu 2010'!). Thanks for the tip!

      2. Depends on how far you want to travel - a few minutes cab ride could take you to the Wapping Project or The Narrow. You are also not too far from Spitalfields (St John's Bread and Wine) and a few other options.