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Need to find a place to get married!

Hello everyone!
I am a college student that is going to marry the love of my life who just recently graduated grad school. We are both from the Bay area and want to get married close by but we are open to Sf, Walnut Creek, Livermore etc.

We are planning on having no more than 100 guests and my dream has always been to get married outside (maybe a winery) and have the reception at the same location indoors. We want to have a great time at our wedding with lots of dancing and great food. Our wedding date is open but I am hoping for Memorial Day weekend in 2012. (we will be getting married on a Sunday)

The biggest problem is budget. We plan to pay for most of it with help from my parents so the cheaper the better! I don't want to say an exact amount because I have no idea how much weddings cost!

Any suggestions will be good suggestions!

One thing is we do not want to get married at a community center or a park (i know those are the cheapest) but we have attended many weddings at those types of locations and really want something unique and elegant!

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  1. Not sure how unique a winery wedding can be when there are web sites devoted to them. http://www.herecomestheguide.com/nort...
    The dollar amount available is rather important as cheap is relative.

    1. I've been to a wedding at Rosenblum Cellars in Alameda that was a lot of fun. www.rosenblumcellars.com/

      Rosenblum Cellars
      2900 Main St # 1100, Alameda, CA

      1. Rockefeller Lodge in San Pablo has a garden for a wedding, seating indoors and out for dinner, and a room for dancing. I believe it's on the inexpensive side.

        1. Thank you for the feed back! I agree a winery isn't very unique! I'm just out of ideas! I will be looking up the places you all recmmended!


          1. We had our wedding and reception at the Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley. About 85 people. Very nice spot -- ceremony in small garden out back, drinks/hors d'oeuvres on patio, and reception inside. I seem to recall it being about $1500 for the space for the entire day, but that was in 1998. They don't provide food/drinks/music--that's all your own choice from your own vendor(s).

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              The Outdoor Art Club is a beautiful location. I've worked as a caterer there many times, and it's one of my favorite places, There is a nice mix of indoor and outdoor space.

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                I looked at the Outdoor Art Show and it seems very beautiful but does not rent out on Sundays :/. But really great suggestion!

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                  Our wedding was on a Sunday; they must have changed things. What about the Art & Garden Center in Ross/Greenbrae?

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                    Hi jeff, on their calendar it only offered Saturdays but I'll try and call to get more info.

                    Art & Garden Center in Ross/Greenbrae may be too far for us. We want to stay closer to San Ramon, Walnut Creek maybe SF if there is a good/cheap hotel for guests. I live in San Ramon/Dublin area so family can stay at my parents home to keep their cost down.

                    But thank you for that suggestion!

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                      Are you looking at the right place? It's Outdoor Art Club, not Show, btw. Their calendar actually lists that they offer a reduced rental costs on Sundays.


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                        They suggest u look at their calendar to see of your date is available and since the Sunday date I was planning was not listed I assumed they did not offer rentals on that day. I will look more into it because it really is a beautiful venue!

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                          Hope it works out because i agree, it is a great wedding spot. Friends of mine had their wedding their, everyone loved it.

            2. In Livermore, the Ravenswood Historical Site is a very nice location. I attended a wedding there last summer.


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                Thank you KatoK!
                I looked that location up! I need to get more information but it is def a great start!!

                Also I was thinking aboutvmy budget and I want to stay under 20,000 but that would be including everything not just venue! I hope that it's manageable to find a location I love! :)

              2. I got married at the Unitarian Universalist church in San Rafael. A beautiful hilltop site. We had lots of kids at our wedding, so as a bonus, there's a nursery school there with lots of toys where kids can hang out. Congratulations!

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                  Thanks Jess! It sure is pretty! But I am actually Jewish (I should have mentioned that sooner) so a church just won't suit us. We wanna stay away from a religious ceremony because he is not Jewish.

                  Thank you very much fr your input tho!

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                    Hi -- Just to clarify -- I'm not UU and neither is my husband, we just picked this spot because it was beautiful, relatively inexpensive, and available (we planned our wedding in 3 months). They are very open to anyone getting married/commitment ceremonied there. There's no crosses or other religious symbols, at least when I was there (4 years ago). The one stained glass panel was a candle and I think it could be removed (it was not in a window, but rather hanging up). My husband and I are not religious and both of us felt very comfortable there. Not meaning to be pushy, just wanted to clarify what I originally wrote!!

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                      Thank You! I appreciate that clarification :) I will def have to go back and take a second look!

                2. Another bride-to-be who posted here recently booked this: http://www.kaisergarden.com/ for her wedding.

                  1. I know you said no parks, but consider Tilden Park. I went to a wedding there in a beautiful indoor/outdoor space. Nice big room where the food and cake were set up, which opened out to a flat green lawn where the ceremony was held. You could breeze back and forth between the two spaces, which on a nice day is delightful

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                        Yes, thanks, couldn't think of the specific name. A great site for a wedding.

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                        I would agree, Tilden Park has a number of things going for it--including weather! Remember, by Memorial Day you're getting into the foggy June weather, when wind and cold can really put a damper on an outdoor event.

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                            Wow i really loved the pictures and the information the website has. I will def be putting Brazilian Room/Tilden Park on my list to check out!

                            You all have been giving me so many great suggestions! I am a lot less stress now that I feel I have so many options!

                            Thank you all so much!!

                      3. I went to a lovely wedding in an outdoor amphitheater at the UC Berkeley botanical gardens. The reception wasn't there but I know they do have a building there that they rent out. Not sure on the price though.

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                            That is such a pretty place to get married! The reception locations seem pretty dated but the gardens and trees is such a great location!

                            i have a friend getting married and she is looking for a location to have the ceremony (she already has a reception location) so I will be suggesting this location to her! Thank you!