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May 1, 2011 05:59 PM

Cinco de Mayo Grill Recipies

Hi -

I am looking for suggestions on recipies for a Cinco de Mayo themed dinner party - there will be 6 total people, and we are hosting it in a limited space outside around the grill. Right now I am thinking of margaritas (of course), crab quesadillas (not traditional, but in season), and 2 or 3 more items requiring minimal prep time/space. Any suggestions?

Mr. BT!

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  1. Sice you're firing up the grill, you gotta do a marinated skirt steak. Make an adobo with garlic, toasted and ground cumin seed, oregano, grilled deseeded pasilla and guajillo peppers, or use dried guajillos that have been reconstituted in water, and a little chipotle en adobo for a smoky accent, vinegar or lime/orange juice combo, grilled onion slices and a little light Mexican beer. Pulse that into a puree, strain and marinate the steak for a few hours, then lightly oil grill and fire away. Cook to no more than medium, slice and serve. I got this idea from epicurious' recent Cinco de Mayo party menu, and you can certainly play with it.

    For a very easy addition to your menu, grill some fresh chorizo and slice to serve with the tortillas. Serve the sausage with pico de gallo or just grilled onions, done in advance and well seasoned. Don't forget the frijoles borracho de olla, of either pintos or black beans, made the day before.

    Addendum: Skirt steak is a bit pricy. If a budget option is necessary, I recently bought 1" thick sliced boneless beef shoulder, sort of mislabeled as London Broil, marinated and grilled it, sliced it thinly across the grain and it was excellent. I served it on corn tortillas as carne asada, with guac, grilled onions and cilantro sprigs.

    1. Carne Asada - marinate with a little OJ, a little lime juice (and not much, this is not a really liquidy mainade) some salt and pepper and a bit of mashed garlic. Grill, sever with tortillas, guac, pico, rice and beans

      Roadside chicken - see Rick Bayless Everyday Mexican. Truly fab grilled chicken recipe. Super easy, super delicious.

      Corn is starting to come in in some areas of the country. Grill corn, Butter, mayo, crumbled cotija cheese, chile powder and a squeeze of lime. Messy but really good

      Mixed Fruit - spears of cucumber (okay, not a fruit), mango, pineapple, jicama, squeeze lime over the lot and sprinkle on the Tajín

      Peanuts with chile japonese and garlic - easy and a typical bar snack in Oaxaca

      Guac with fruit from Guanajuato.

      Margaritas with jamacia or champagne

      1. I just did fish tacos this week. I had shrimp and halibut, marinaded in lime juice, cilantro, orange juice, olive oil, onion and chili powder. I put out guac, lime yogurt, shredded napa cabbage, grilled pineapple and red onion and let people assemble their own.

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          Grilled pineapple or a salsa made same from is delicious with/on fish or chicken. I do like DiningDiva's corn suggestion as well.

        2. 6 people is my kind of intimate party, I like it that way I can talk with everyone.

          In addition to salsa,& guacamole, another appetizer would be stuffed jalapeno peppers on the grill. Stuff with mexican cheese the melty one, I believe its a sister to mozz, but the name escapes me. Anyway cut them in half, take out the seeds add the cheese wrap in a strip of bacon that been cooked slightly, and then secure with toothpicks.

          Entree- I'm going to say carne asada too, it's so delicious and easy. The hardest part, preparing all the condiments! Have all the condiments fresh and ready, your guests will be so happy. Things like, cilantro, sliced radish, limes, white onion cut tiny, crema, etc.
          Sides - Black beans are perfect, slow cook them all day in a crockpot
          I also make corn on the cob. Prior to cooking, cut them into what I call cobbies. Cook on grill or steam, or boil. Then take big bowl I mean big, fill it with melted butter, lime juice, chili powder, salt and pepper,cumin, & cilantro. Take them out and put little holders ( I use the bamboo sticks) and then if you want to add your cheese. DELICIOUS!
          Dessert could be anywhere from Mexican cookies to flan. Personally we love flan and I make a coffee liquor one.

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            The cheese you're thinking of is probably either Chihuahua or Oaxaca, both are good melting cheese, both are pretty readily available in markets - even some mainstream one, depending upon where you live - in the U.S. I like the chile suggestion too. Easy and can be served directly off the grill with cocktails. Nice idea

          2. I did fajitas a couple weeks ago after some time with Robb Walsh's Tex-Mex grilling.

            Bought a chuck roast, cut 1/4 inch slices then pounded out, and marinated in a simple solution of 1:1 soy/pineapple juice. Grilled after a couple hours in the marinate.

            Worked very well.