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Best Fresh Fish Source in RI?

Just looking for opinions on the freshest, highest quality fish in RI (aside from catching it oneself).

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  1. I have always found Gardner's Wharf to be an excellent seafood source. They have locations in Wickford and Warwick. http://www.gardnerswharfseafood.com/

    1. in Bristol theres a few great places,Nicks on wood st.,fish,lobster,etc.super fresh and really nice people.Andredes catch,also on wood street is the shellfish spot,clams,of all sizes,oysters,at least 2 locals,lobsters,etc..Quitos,has a small market in thier restaurant,and great food too,the fish and chip special is great to go.Blount in Warren is pretty great too,they own thier own boats,its fresh!!

      1. Near Westerly, just over the border in Pawcatuck CT is Seawell. Most of their fish is caught right in Stonington, CT.

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          I would second the recommendation for Gardner's Wharf.

        2. R&D Seafood in North Woonsocket does a fine job. Recently re-opened after a fire last winter, they have a good selection and great customer service...


          1. this might be hard for people to believe but after years of fruitless frustrating searches, i discovered that the seafood dept at my local dave's marketplace (cumberland) was by far the best i've found in northern ri. of course, you have to shop smart but i feel that's true of any place. the fish is always fresh and high quality and the prices are on point. give them a try, the EG store is amazing too.

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              Went to Galilee just to goof around at the seafood places. One big time place had Cod which was slacked out.But I do have to agree as much as I keep away from supermarkets Seafood Sections, Daves has it great. Most are wild caught and worth the price. If I want fish I usually go catch it myself but in the winter forget it. I go to the Daves in EG even people from Narragansett I met in line come all the way up to EG for fish

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                I agree also with Dave's. I get seafood often at the Wickford Dave's. I feel they have a better selection than Gardner's Wharf. Mcquade's in Westerly also has nice seafood.They have the nicest salmon I have found anywhere, even better than Whole Foods.

              2. Aquidneck Lobster Company, end of Bowen's Wharf in Newport. Wonderful fish and shellfish.

                1. I agree that McQuades has excellent salmon.
                  I have no problem buying wild salmon or tuna from the big supermarkets. I think there is adequate turnover
                  I will not buy farmed salmon.
                  I always ask for the frozen tuna steaks- they are individually cry-o-vac'd and flash frozen.
                  The counterperson said that they take the tuna steaks out of the cry-o-vac and after the tuna defrosts, they put them in the case.
                  I buy them frozen and they go right into the freezer until I need them.
                  In the small seafood markets, you may have refrigerated fish on ice for 3or 4 days.
                  how good is that?

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                    Have you gone to Bomsters self serve seafood in Stonington? It is great! I also only buy wild salmon. I especially love the salmon at McQuards because I never find any bones in it!

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                      I've been enjoying McQuade's hot-smoked salmon for years. Unfortunately, the price has
                      gotten pretty steep ($15 per lb), but they often run specials at $13).

                      Trader Joe's frozen wild salmon is very good, and a few dollars cheaper than just about anywhere else.