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May 1, 2011 03:43 PM

Bagel Cafe Las Vegas

I had read a mention here on chowhound that this is one of the better Jewish-style delis in Vegas, and when I looked at the address and realized it's only a mile or two from where I live..well, Sunday breakfast seemed like a plan!

We arrived around 10:30am to find that we were not the only folks with this idea; the parking lot was packed. Fortunately, the restaurant is quite large inside, and we were seated immediately (at what might have been the last available table!). The waitress immediately brought us some excellent coffee and we took our time perusing the (long) menu. There are a number of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items: lots of smoked fish plates and combinations, classics like Matzoh Ball soup, grill items, omelettes, sandwiches, etc etc. As soon as I saw "home-made corned beef hash" as a choice, I knew my decision was made. DH went for one of the daily specials, oatmeal pancakes.

The food did take a little longer than I would have liked to arrive. I will say this for the waitress; just when I was starting to get impatient she came over and let us know it would be "out in a minute or two" (it was)...and she did keep our coffee cups full. I decided to cut them a break; after all, they were busy and I'm quite sure everything is made to order.

Our food did arrive as promised and all was forgiven. The corned beef hash was delicious, and it came with three perfectly cooked sunnyside-up eggs (with perfectly runny yolks to mix in with the hash). The hash is light on potatoes (seems to be mostly meat and onions, finely minced) but there was a generous serving of home fries on the side. My meal also came with my choice of bagels. DH's oatmeal pancakes were very good, with a hint of cinnamon. His was also a HUGE serving....he was only able to finish about half. There were three or four HUGE pancakes.

We left stuffed, but not before we stopped at the take-out counter for more bagels to take home for later. They might not be NY quality, but they are as good as any I've had in Vegas and are made inhouse. Next trip I'd like to try some of the smoked fish (a number of varieties are available) to go along with my bagels.

Recommended. And a (sort-of) celebrity sighting to boot: the area's Congresswoman (and Senate hopeful) was enjoying her breakfast there as well. The Bagel Cafe is on N. Buffalo Drive just a block or two south of the Summerlin Parkway. Breakfast for two was around 25 dollars, but it would have fed three!

Bagel Cafe
301 N Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89145

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  1. I've always enjoyed their food. They have the best chicken soup in town. They use big pieces of pulled chicken. I am not a fan of their bagels. A proper bagel should be crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside. Harries Bagelmania, on East Twain at Swenson, makes the best bagels in town. They are made in house. Every Tuesday they sell a dozen bagels for $4.95. They are not day olds.

    855 E Twain Ave # 120, Las Vegas, NV

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    1. re: Eric bagel today WAS crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside. Of course, it had been toasted, and some folks don't like toasted bagels. Bagelmania DOES make good bagels (and good matzoh ball soup) but its a long way from my house and in a neighborhood I don't often frequent. However, its a favorite spot for breakfast during CES (near the Convention Center and near my ultra-secret parking spot that is within walking distance of the Convention Center yet is always available :-) BTW, the Bagel Cafe advertises that their bagels are made inhouse too. Have you tried their smoked fish, especially the whitefish salad? I'm wishing I'd picked up some of that to go so that I could taste it. May have to go back soon :-)

      855 E Twain Ave # 120, Las Vegas, NV

      1. re: janetofreno

        I can't comment about smoked fish as I don't like seafood. The only seafood I enjoy are lox and tuna salad.

        1. re: janetofreno

          Not a New Yorker, so I can't speak to "authentic", but I think the Bagel Cafe's bagels are just fine. They seem like normal bagels to me (if a bit large), i.e. crusty outside and chewy inside, as Janet described. They're nothing like those poofy bread-things they call bagels at Einstein's. Sterling Bagel out at Lake Mead and Rampart also makes a pretty good bagel. Haven't tried Bagelmania, but I did have one at Weiss a few months ago. It was good, but not worth driving out to Henderson for.

          BTW, another vote for that corned beef hash & eggs-- pretty good, and between that, the potatoes, and the bagel, it's a dang good meal for $10.

          855 E Twain Ave # 120, Las Vegas, NV

      2. I always spend a bundle when I go in there for food to go. Last time was a dozen bagels, that is all I went in for. I spent $63.00. I call it my Jew food run, lol. Hand sliced Nova Lox, really good, thin sliced, much better than just plain old lox. Got a pound of corned beef, 3 Matzo balls, I make Liptons noodle at home just like mother used to make. Some potato salad. Some Rugala, and 2 kinds of cream cheese. I slice the bagels and freeze them. I eat a half at breakfast with tea. Good place to go.

        1. Bagel Cafe is the best place for breakfast on the west side of Las Vegas. I have had the blintzes, oatmeal, and challah french toast. All were large portions, but very good. Bagel Cafe is also the office go to place for bagels and often some rugala.

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          1. re: lv1964

            I used to live in Los Angeles but moved to Summerlin, just up Buffalo from Bagel Cafe. Having had years of eating at Canter's Deli, Langers, Brent's and Abe's Deli, having to eat at Bagel Cafe was disappointing to be modest and utterly drek to be honest. It's poor excuse for a deli compared to Los Angeles or New York. And it's not even the best deli on the westside of town much less the best in the Vegas Valley.

            A. They don't know how to make bagels.
            B. The tables are minutely small and crowded together.
            C. While the Matzoh Ball Soup tastes good, I can do without the half cup of chopped onions and celery. Matzoh ball, carrot, chicken and broth. Noodles optional.
            D. While they do use challah for french toast, it's not flavored much. No spices, no vanilla. And the egg mixture isn't soaked into the bread, just really a sweet scrambled egg on the surface. I've had better. I MAKE better.

            What's really telling is that while I've about a mile away from Bagel Cafe, I used to drive to Weiss Deli in Henderson every week for my deli fix.

            As far as breakfasts go, I'd much rather have breakfast at The Original Pancake House, Jamm's or the Hash House. Even the Cracked Egg makes a better and FAR less expensive breakfast.

            If you still want a deli on the westside, try Levy's Bagels & Deli. Not much different than Bagel Cafe, but not nearly as crowded either.

            Hash House
            2605 S Decatur Blvd Ste 103, Las Vegas, NV 89102

            Jamms Restaurant II
            1029 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89145

            Original Pancake House
            4833 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146

            Cracked Egg
            7660 W Cheyenne Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89129

            Levy's Bagels
            7875 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117

            1. re: shamu613

              I graduated from California State University, Northridge and lived in Northridge and Granada Hills for many years. Art's and Brent's could teach a lesson or two about how to run a deli here in Las Vegas.

              1. re: shamu613

                There are two places that I go for bagels here (and I can't tell you the exact name of either!) - one is located in the Smith's shopping center on the NW corner of Rampart and Lake Mead; the other in the Smith's shopping center (purely a coincidence) on Rancho between Charleston and Alta (it's a very tiny shop, between Starbucks and Broadway Pizza).

                1. re: Friend of Bill

                  FoB: The first one is Sterling Bagel as noted upthread, and it's pretty good, although it was better before the ownership change. I don't know the name of the second one, but I think it's a franchise and I didn't think the bagels were anything special.

                  Shamu613: I think we all agree that in general, deli quality in LV is several notches below that of L.A. or NYC. Personally, I don't think the bagels at Weiss are markedly better than those at BC (certainly not worth the crosstown drive, IMO) but I haven't tried much else there.