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May 1, 2011 03:41 PM

Kumamoto, Kagoshima, Matsue - please help!

My travels will take me to Kumamoto and Kagoshima on Kyushu and Matsue in Western Honshu.
I am especially looking for simple local restaurants for dinner in Kagoshima and Matsue, and for a couple of lunch options in Kagoshima (I will have dinner in my hotel there).

I do not speak or read Japanese but will gladly try anything local and good by pointing of hand. I eat offal, weird animals and seafood but no insects, please :-) Street food, holes-in-the-wall, anything smaller and cheaper around 3000-4000 yen per person without alcohol but with tea. Strictly Japanese food please. I am willing to pay (much) more for excellent beef or fish if you think it's worth it.

In particular, where should I go for the famous horse sashimi?
Any places for good soba?

Any suggestions are welcome! Thank you in advance for sharing.

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  1. The flow to Matsue is a new one on the board. The little pave port Misachi was one of my most wonderful memory of Japan (= temple on the hill), great great Japanese sashimi crab !!! Yes, raw crab was wow wow wondeful...

    1. One of the best and most famous basashi (horse meat) restaurants in Kumamoto is called Suganoya. I was just there on business and the local guys took us there for an extensive basashi course dinner. Started with a variety of horse sashimi, including my favorite raw liver. Went through several other courses before finishing off with a horse meat shabu shabu. I've never had horse shabu shabu, but it was incredible. Each thin piece of meat tasted like butter. The broth was called "hari hari" and simply delicious. I highly recommend Suganoya!