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May 1, 2011 03:39 PM

I love me some Apple Sidra!

Do you do Apple Sidra?

If not, you should.

What's an Apple Sidra?

A Greek mythological creature? No.

A new hybrid heirloom apple variety? Uh-uh.

A bad name for a rock band? Nope.

An Apple Sidra is a Taiwanese carbonated beverage that's sort of like the love-child of a Mott's apple juice and a bottle of Ginger Ale. But really it's more than that; it's complex because if you let it linger on the palate, it sort of opens up a Pandora Box of flavors and childhood memories of cherished soda pops of years gone by.

There's this subtle hint of something beyond just apple. If you pay attention to your tastebuds (and you should) you'll find that there's a hint of Mountain Dew and ... (wait for it now) ... Cactus Cooler.

But unlike other fruit based drinks -- e.g., Sunkist, Sanka, Welch's Grape Soda -- this isn't sickly sweet. In fact, I would characterize it as "light, with a refreshing crispy fruitiness".

Nothing like a cold Apple Cidra to cool me off on in SoCal when the Santa Anas are blowing ...


(Pic not mine).

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  1. One of the two things I drink regularly on the island (the other being Hey-Song).

    There was one local grocery store that carried it for a short while but I haven't seen a can in over a year. The odd thing was that the cans were not quite fizzy.

    Will be attempting a T&T in Ottawa to see if there is any supply; if not, it'd be California or Taiwan for a fix.

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    1. re: wattacetti

      T&T in Toronto always has it (along with Hey-Song) - in 6 pack cans and 1 L bottles.

      1. re: siki2

        Not sure I want to drive the 5+ hours to the centre of the universe when flying the same number of hours to SFO might be a more fun thing to do.

        However… one T&T carrying it means that the possibility of a second T&T having it is greatly enhanced. Thanks! I'll give Ottawa a call.

    2. I've tried some Mexican apple sodas and they were never quite the same. They just weren't as crisp as Apple Sidra.

      Now if only someone would find some way to import apple milk.

      Having traveled all through Asia, I'm a pretty strong believer that the drink section of a Taiwanese 7-11 is the best in the world. So many different drinks, teas, and milks.

      I've book a trip to SE Asia that makes a layover in Taipei later this year in hopes that there'll be a 7-11 in the airport that I can hit up for drinks when I'm changing flights!

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      1. re: huaqiao

        There is one in the 2F Arrival Hall, Terminal 2. From the Taoyuan website.

        1. re: huaqiao

          This is somewhat of a niche topic, but I'm in full agreement on apple Sidra. When I'm mowing the lawn on a sweltering hot summer day I dream longingly for a Taiwanese 7-11 to appear on the closest street corner. Why don't we have more peach-flavored drinks in the US?

          1. re: huaqiao

            Having traveled all through Asia, I'm a pretty strong believer that the drink section of a Taiwanese 7-11 is the best in the world. So many different drinks, teas, and milks.


            I'll see your Taipei 7-Eleven and raise you a Tokyo 7-Eleven.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              I find Taipei 7-11's have a better variety of teas, juices, and milks. Many of the Japanese drinks available in the Tokyo 7-11's are also available in Taipei, but not the other way around.

              Tokyo has a better variety of interesting alcoholic drinks, but for the other beverages I give the edge to Taipei. :)

              I hit up several cobini in Tokyo a few months ago and thought the variety of drinks could be better. I think the Taiwanese are just used to drinking more flavored teas and such as evidenced by the milk tea stands on every other street corner. And each of those stands will have 50+ flavors available!

            2. re: huaqiao

              The 7-11s are outside security however. I'm definitely there on the 7-11s in Taiwan. The food is way better than the ones in the US - a salad, a steamed bun and some onigiri makes a pretty decent quick lunch. Their coffee's okay, and half the price of Starbucks.

              Plus you've got milk coffee, milk tea, juice, soda, beer, wine, coolers, hard liquour (including single malt scotch), cigarettes, snacks, ice cream, umbrellas and raincoats, magazines, DVDs, strange health drinks, the Taiwanese equivalent of Red Bull (tastes like grape Dimetap), and wide selection of instant ramen. And they even sell slurpees now.

              And of course, while you're there you can pay your utility bills, buy high speed rail tickets, top up your phone minutes and transit pass, buy official city garbage bags, print from a laptop or memory stick, photocopy, fax, use the ATM (international Card compatible), and buy a standard fill-in the blanks lease for renting an apartment. Seriously, our lease was bought at 7-11.

              I find the Apple Sidra a bit too sweet for my taste, but I do like the Hey Song Sasparilla. The Ocean spray grapefruit fruit tea is pretty good too.