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May 1, 2011 03:02 PM

Seeking Motel to stay at in Nasville.

2 elderly ladies traveling To Rocky Mount,VA have made our plans for that destination,but would like your help for stay on return trip home in Nashville for the night,our plan is to a MUST stop at Costco,which is right off of I-40 we do not want to get too too far away from I-40 but would like a motel near Costco,our food plan is to stop at the Loveless Restaurant.or maybe the other restaurant flowergirl recommended on chow.thank you ahead of time.

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  1. Sorry for the type O as per the spelling of Nashville,also would like to know if I can find some good old rye bread by a real baker.?????

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      Silke's Old World Bread, they're based out of Clarksville and not Nashville.

      It's worth the drive.

    2. The closest motel to the Costco would be the Howard Johnson at 6834 Charlotte Pike.