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May 1, 2011 02:41 PM

Algarve I need a few top restaurants

In a few weeks i'll stay a few days in Algarve. I'll try Vila Joya, and two more. From the michelin i have four restaurants with one star. Are there any other that justifies a visit.


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  1. Depends what you are looking for: International or portuguese?... I would go to "Vila Joya" for a fantastic lunch on the terrace (because it is à la carte whilst dinner is a more formal set menu), and certainly to "Ocean" at Vila Vita for an exceptional dinner. Here is my order of preference for the other Michelin starred restaurants:
    Willies, Amadeus, São Gabriel, Henrique Leis (there are actually 5 restaurants with 1 star, and one with 2 stars in the Algarve).
    Apart from these, in the non Michelin star bracket, I would place Florian and Casa Velha towards the top, together with Monte do Casal; But the real Algarvian food is in places like Marrisqueira Rui's in Silves or Tasca do Gabriel near Aljezur, or Veneza in Paderne which has one of the best garrafeiras in Portugal but it is a roadside tasca (mind you the food is quite good too, but not Michelin style).
    Beach restaurants are mostly to be avoided as expensive second rate food. Maybe Gigi stands out of a bad lot (even more expensive but at least the fish is fresh...). Camané on the Ilha de Faro is always good (but not exceptional) with the advantage of being 5 minutes from the airport.
    Hope it helps, let me know if you need more details.
    Bem vindo!

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    1. re: monchique

      thanks a lot
      I know that The Ocean get the 1st from a ranking done by Expresso.
      So vila joya, the ocean and Henrique Leis , what do you think?

      thanks again

      1. re: aviseu

        As I said, Vila Joya for lunch, Ocean for dinner (may be not the same day...) and I would chose Willies over Henrique Leis, even if all 3 chefs (Dieter Koshina, Hans Neuner and Willy Wurger) are Austrian!

        1. re: monchique

          Hi monchique,

          I am in Lagos for the next few days, hoping to go to tasca do Gabriel near Aljezur. Any idea what days they are closed? One of your previous posts said they open at 1:30. Thank you!

          1. re: Jennysue

            Good evening,

            I suggest you phone Gabriel to make sure he is open; With the weather as it is, I would certainly check first!

            Tels are: 282 991 939 or 932 674 836. He has 2 restaurants, so make sure it is the one at Amoreiras.

            If in Lagos, you could try restaurant Vivendo on Meia Praia for a dinner (in Vila Palmeira, on the sea front towards Palmares). Chef Christoph Voigt produces fantastic food (one of the best kept secrets in the Western Algarve). Booking a must: 282 770 900.