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May 1, 2011 02:28 PM

Mousaka recipe request

I got some lovely eggplants on Friday and I'd like to make mousaka. I have a recipe that calls for ground beef and tomato sauce but I vaguely remember making it once with egg and parve milk similar to my meat lasagna / matza-gna recipe.

Maybe I am not spelling mousaka correctly because I can't find a recipe for it. Doesn't mousaka call for a cheesy layer?

Anyone have an idea?


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  1. I've never made it, but I believe it's generally spelled with two s's: moussaka. There's a bechamel sauce that goes on top of the meat and eggplant layers, but I don't think there's cheese. Bechamel is classically made with butter and milk, but some quick googling gives non-dairy recipes.

    1. It's spelled Moussaka. Quick google search for kosher moussaka brings up a few recipes, such as this one:

      The dish usually has a bechamel sauce. I've not seen it with cheese myself, but there are quite a few variations.

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          The recipes in the Kosher By Design books are surprisingly good. I don't have this one, so thanks!!

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            I bet if I left out the margarine and flour and just poured an egg and almond milk mixture on top it would be perfectly fine and a LOT less complicated, not to mention 3 tablespoons healthier...

            1. re: SoCal Mother

              I have that one, kosher by design entertains, and that Moussaka recipe is not in it.

                1. re: queenscook

                  yes, I happened to look at it over the weekend. My mistake. Sorry!

            1. There is also a great pareve version of moussaka in Veganomicon that uses potatoes and eggplant. It has a pine nut cream topping.

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