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Mousaka recipe request

I got some lovely eggplants on Friday and I'd like to make mousaka. I have a recipe that calls for ground beef and tomato sauce but I vaguely remember making it once with egg and parve milk similar to my meat lasagna / matza-gna recipe.

Maybe I am not spelling mousaka correctly because I can't find a recipe for it. Doesn't mousaka call for a cheesy layer?

Anyone have an idea?


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  1. I've never made it, but I believe it's generally spelled with two s's: moussaka. There's a bechamel sauce that goes on top of the meat and eggplant layers, but I don't think there's cheese. Bechamel is classically made with butter and milk, but some quick googling gives non-dairy recipes.

    1. It's spelled Moussaka. Quick google search for kosher moussaka brings up a few recipes, such as this one:


      The dish usually has a bechamel sauce. I've not seen it with cheese myself, but there are quite a few variations.

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          The recipes in the Kosher By Design books are surprisingly good. I don't have this one, so thanks!!

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            I bet if I left out the margarine and flour and just poured an egg and almond milk mixture on top it would be perfectly fine and a LOT less complicated, not to mention 3 tablespoons healthier...

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              I have that one, kosher by design entertains, and that Moussaka recipe is not in it.

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                  yes, I happened to look at it over the weekend. My mistake. Sorry!

            1. There is also a great pareve version of moussaka in Veganomicon that uses potatoes and eggplant. It has a pine nut cream topping.

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              1. i think it works better dairy. eggplant and potatoes are traditional, and i've had versions from greek restaurants with no meat.

                1. Does this freeze and reheat well? I want to make it ahead for the second night in the Sukkah.

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                    In fact, last year I made them in deep muffin tins. Froze them as individual servings. I've found that I try to make as many individual serving items as possible for serving in the sukkah. Less cumbersome, don't need to have all kinds of serving pieces schlepped outside.

                    This year, I'll make individual lasagnes and chicken pot pies in foil individual sized pie tins. I set up an electric hot tray (I actually have an old Salton tea cart model on wheels that belonged to my mother) it has a hot spot for the sopup pot and I line up the individual mains and sides on it to keep it hot.
                    I make sides such as twice baked potatoes piped back into foil trays, etc. Things that are easy to keep warm this way and don't spill, slosh or otherwise make a mess. My photo didn't post, will be in reply #2

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                      Salton Tea Cart Hot Tray, essential for Sukkah dining