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May 1, 2011 01:17 PM

Casa di Pepe - New Italian in Delray Beach Pineapple Grove

Now open in Delray Beach's Pineapple Grove:

Casa di Pepe Italian Ristorante

Located at former site of Cafe Veri Amici.

Temporary paper menu says "Family of Capri Chicago" on front.

Waiter said they are from Chicago and have a location in Boca. I could not find any info online however.

Menu looks like standard neighborhood Italian, reasonable prices (pasta & chicken entrees around $17). Shrimp scampi looked like a deal at $18. No pizza.

That's all I know at this point.

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  1. Yes, the chef is Johnny, from Chicago and his partner is Jerry ( not sure where he is from) there are about 5 capri restaurants in Chicago. All owned by brothers/sisters. The one in boca is owned by Joey. Their food is very good, and pretty reasonable. Love the location in Boca and glad they are there.

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      We had dinner at Casa di Pepe last night. All four of us thought the food was delicious. Service was very attentive and friendly; salad is included and was very fresh; menu is moderately priced. They need to update the outside to make it a little brighter, and less similar to the restaurant that was there before. Besides that, this restaurant is a great addition to Pineapple Grove and Delray.

    2. Any more reviews of this restaurant? has a great coupon special running right now. :)

      I went to their web site and after all this time, they still don't have a menu posted - it says under construction. In my book, that's quite a few demerits.

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        I have not been there yet. The food could be great, I don't know. But one thing is for sure... their business is very very slow right now. Even with bustling Max's Harvest two doors away, and O'Connor's Pub around the corner with lots of walk by traffic... this place is virtually empty every time I go by, and that includes weekend evenings. And I mean maybe one or two tables seated at 8PM on Saturday night. They are trying live music now, and I think they changed the menu.

        Maybe I will try out that offer you found and see what is the verdict!