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May 1, 2011 11:50 AM

Saratoga Springs

I will be in Saratoga next week for one breakfast, one lunch, and three dinners. I know many of the "famous" restaurants, but not any of the newer ones. Suggestions for new (not too expensive) places. Any good Mexican restaurants? Thanks.

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  1. Lunch: the local, good neighborhood bar known for their fish and chips

    Dinner: karavelli (indian), gotchya's trattoria, maestro's

    Never eat breakfast, sorry

    1. Also max londons has great pizza and polenta fries, would work for dinner or lunch

      Next door is the bakery mrs londons, that is my idea of breakfast but its not the traditional eggs and homefries. Really good.

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        Third Gotchya's, Mrs. Londons and The Local (pubby, good food). Ditto Maestro's but have not been since they moved to the Van Dam.

        Not a fan of Max Londons but have not been in awhile.

        I don't eat Mexican food in the East.

      2. For your Mexican questions you have 4 choices for Mexican fare. I find all acceptable.

        Mexican Connection, 41 Nelson Av. (oldest of the 4) Reliable.
        Leon's, 135 Crescent St. (run by a former Mexican jockey) Not much atmosphere. Seemed mundane by the 3rd visit.
        Cantina, 432 Broadway (old Saratoga atmosphere) Popular with tourists, nice specials.
        El Mexicano, 280 South Broadway (newest of the 4, more of a family operation) Colorful interior but only been their once.

        First three had good margaritas. I had beer at El Mexicano.
        I can second the recommendations of Artvandelay.

        Almost forgot greasy spoon breakfast at Comptons is a standard for Saratoga. But you may know that one.

        For your "new" request:
        Recent average review for Twenty 8 Tables on 17 Maple Avenue.

        Also new is Jacob & Anthony's American Grille, 38 High Rock (in the Hampton Inn and Suites and High Rock Condominiums) Part of the Bellini family who operate two Italian restaurants in Clifton park and Delmar. Nothing to report back yet, looks real nice inside.

        Phila Fusion Asian Restaurant and Bar, 54 Phila St. (sister to the next door Sushi Thai Garden). Good pan-Asian selections, nice modern atmosphere.

        Good luck with your choices.

        Mexican Connection
        41 Nelson Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

        El Mexicano
        3011 State Route 4, Hudson Falls, NY 12839

        Sushi Thai Garden
        44 Phila St, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

        135 Crescent St, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

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        1. re: Roger K

          Max's no longer serves lunch. Best restaurant in town is Beekman St. Bistro (dinner only), followed by Maestro's (lunch and dinner), followed by Chianti (dinner only).

          1. re: gerchak198

            The new-and-improved Sperry's ranks pretty high for me.

            Sperry's Restaurant
            30 1 2 Caroline St, Saratoga Springs, NY

            1. re: gerchak198

              We were pretty underwhelmed the 1x we age at Beekman Street -- bland/boring. But could have been an off night. Have been happier at Maestro's.

              1. re: cloverose

                We were also underwhelmed with farm to market fare at Beekman Street Bistro. Service is excellent. Food is very good but not surprising or exciting enough for us . . .we cook what they serve at home . . .

                Sperry's is not as good as when they first opened.

                Love the duck salad at Scallions for lunch.

                I've never been to One Caroline or Grey Gelding. SO won't go . . .

          2. Breakfast: Country Corner Cafe

            Lunch: Scallions, Grey Gelding, or the local.

            Dinner: 28 Tables is new (Tuesday Nights is Tapas night) Sperrys is under new owners, very good. One Caroline on a Wednesday night is great, the owners band plays and they are awesome.

            As far as Mexican Cantina is convenient on Broadway or El Mexicano

            Wouldn't bather with connection or Leons both are overated

            1. Some of the posters recommend Country Corner for breakfast, and I can't disagre with that. My personal preference is Shirley's on West Avenue. Basic diner, great waitresses, and good, cheap food. If you are staying downtown, and don't want to drive, Compton's on Broadway is also great.