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May 1, 2011 08:17 AM

SactoMoFo - non-review

So this sounded exciting: a bunch of food trucks set up around Fremont Park on a Saturday. Local vendors (Miniburger, Mama Kim's, Chando's, etc.) and visitors from the city (Chairman Bao, Hapa, Roli Roti, etc.). Like Off The Grid in San Francisco, but because it's in Sacramento, the crowds should be a lot smaller, right?


We got there mid-afternoon, figuring that would give the initial crowd a chance to die down. We figured incorrectly. There were huge lines at every truck - people were talking about waiting an hour and a half to two hours to place an order. For every person who had a plate of food, there were 20 queued up in hopes of getting some.

I don't care how good your pork belly buns are, I'm not waiting in line for two hours to taste them.


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  1. I agree, given that it was Sacto. I thought the lines would be shorter too. I met up with some friends for lunch and was relieved when they decided to eat elsewhere. We brought gelato back to a friend's place located across from the park and watched the long lines from his deck. On a positive note, my friend's SIL who lives in the bay area gave us pointers on visiting off the grid in SF and volunteered to go with us the next time we visit.

    1. Sounds like the event was a victim of it's own success. I had wanted to check this out, but I guess I'm glad I missed it.

      1. Next year or next time it will be better. First time was kind of a crapshoot for everyone!

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          If next time is sooner than next year, I agree with you. Make it a weekly (or even monthly) event and the demand will be spread out more. Glad to see such a great demand for the vendors, though.

          1. re: alanbarnes

            I agree....the restaurants were happy!

            1. re: melly

              article i read said all the restaurants downtown did well...maybe that will help change the rules.
              hope so