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May 1, 2011 08:06 AM

which creme de violette?

I can't find CdV locally, so am going to order some from DrinkUPNY online.

They have the Rothman & Winter, The Bitter Truth, and Pages Parfait Amour, as well as the Creme de Yvette.

Mostly planning on using it for Aviations, but will try other mixed drinks too.

Opinions on which to get?


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  1. I have the Rothman & Winter. Lovely color. Definitely has that violette smell. Works great in an Aviation and the price was decent.

    1. The Rothman & Winter and the Bitter Truth are made at the same place although they use different food colorings (probably the same violet extract/distillate).

      The Creme Yvette of all of the options is probably the tastiest on its own with a great berry-flavored base. Not sharp or single note. Doesn't give the right "sky blue" color in Aviations, but so be it. With that extra quality comes the higher price point (R&W is $25, CY is $45).

      I've never tried Pages Parfait Amour but the Marie Brizzard is decent with vanilla and other spice notes. Rather sweet and I've had some drinks that didn't work with it (could be the recipe or could be my appreciation for drinks with a lot of Parfait Amour in it).

      For more information, see the DudeKicker posts (they put a few through their paces):