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Zip's Diner

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Anyone been to this stainless, great looking diner in CT?

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  1. Worth going to, very good dinner food. Great home fries.

    1. Can you say "SYSCO!"

      1. I love this place. It's a gem.

        1. I had a roast beef (actually pot roast) sandwich there some years ago that I still remember fondly.

          1. always had breakfast there when we raced at Thompson and stayed down the street from it.
            standard diner fare but not bad.

            1. Just stopped there yesterday returning to Boston after Thanksgiving weekend in NYC. The food was unexceptional, but I loved the authentic diner setting, the cheerful atmosphere and the friendly service. Also, it looks like the kind of place that could be crusted in grease, but it is spotlessly clean. All in all, a very endearing place. I also love the way it's a relic of the past smack in the midst of soulless strip malls and big box stores. I'd be happy to go back again.