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Feb 5, 2006 08:15 PM

Spumoni's-Sherman Oaks

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Well, as much as I enjoy dining in at Spumoni's, tonight I had a pizza delivered which was so hard and terrible it would leave you not wanting to try this great spot for dining in.

It was such a disappointment that I wanted to share this with the board.

Thank You,


P.S.-I called to complain and they blamed it on the superbowl

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  1. It was only a matter of time. First, a wardrobe malfunction and now this. Actually, we live near the one in Santa Monica and they're quite erratic as well-sometimes a good neighborhood drop in or delivery, others you're better off to get a Tombstone.

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    1. re: cvc

      I don't think the SM and SO location are affilated. I think they may have been in the past.

      Blaming bad pizza on the superbowl? Like we were so busy watching the game that we left the pizza in the oven too long? How lame.

      I've never had their pizza, I've always stuck with the calamari app and gnocchi.

      1. re: SpongeBobSquarePegs
        Das Ubergeek

        They serve pizza? And they deliver? Wow.

        I always eat in -- and I always get the calamari and the Sicilian gnocchi, with the anchovies. The service is always apologetically abysmal, but my barbecue instincts kick in and I speak up when I need something.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          Funny, we've always found the service to be fine, especially if the owner or maybe the manager is there (not sure if he is either but he's uber-friendly). I wonder if it depends on the time of day? We are usually there weeknights on the early side

          1. re: SpongeBobSquarePegs

            That's surprising. I've never had a pizza there I didn't love. And the service is usually great - on the rare occasions when it was forgetful I really didn't mind because they're just so nice.

            When you're new there they treat you like a regular, and when you're a regular, they treat you like family.

            I didn't know they delivered either.

    2. I love this place, the owner, Bosic (sp?) always makes sure the meal was great. the gnochi loren is to die for, and I love how you can get gnochi with your entree if you ask for it instead of the penne, my favorite is the Chik parm with ghochi loren...the best. and it is totally a local spot, it isn't going to win any awards, but it does right by me

      1. I wish there was a way to read old post and you would of known ahead of time. Spumoni's is the worst for delivery yet terrific for dining in.

        My experience was almost to the tee as yours.

        I went as for as complained and they gave me a gift certificate for my next visit, if it wasn't for that I would never return.


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        1. re: Hypnotic23

          I'm glad to read this -- I was going to recommend Spumoni delivery to an aunt who just moved to Sherman Oaks, but I think I'll skip it -- I'd hate for her to be disappointed!

          I love Spumoni -- while the service is a bit unpolished, it's always very friendly, always well-meaning, and if it's a bit slow it's because they're working miracles in the kitchen (those gnocchi, that squid appetizer!)... sad to hear the delivery is bad.

        2. I love it there and it seems that they love me.

          I own a biz on the next block and phone in orders to take home for dinner. They are ready when I'm done with work.

          I'm a chopped salad and assorted gnochi lover and have only been disapoointed once when the gnochi was too soft.

          I'm always treated to a glass of wine when I show up to pick up my order and sometimes surprised with a few pieces of Tiramisu in the bag when I get home.

          No one is perfect all of the time. You have to rely on your staff and sometimes they make errors. It happens everywhere.

          I believe the owner's name is Vosic. They don't come nicer.

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          1. re: mar52

            The actual spelling is Vasak, just an fyi.