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May 1, 2011 02:42 AM

Masterchef Australia! Who's watching? [Moved from Australia/New Zealand board]

Watching the start of season 3 now. Anyone with me?

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  1. What about tonight? Anyone watching tonight?

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    1. re: ursy_ten

      I'm trying to locate the "episode summaries".

      1. re: wattacetti

        Read the ones in The Age. They are hilarious.

        1. re: mr_gimlet

          Not that kind of summary; moving picture ones, which I did find.

            1. re: ursy_ten

              No; I can't get streaming video because I don't have an IP address that maps to AU. I am really behind episode-wise, but so far, I don't like the fact that they omitted the tryouts (one of the main reasons I watch Masterchef).

              Will sit down at some point and burn through episodes. The MasterClass is interesting, as Masterchef NZ's MasterClass taught me a new way to butcher duck.

              1. re: wattacetti

                Yes, I really enjoyed watching the tryouts too.

    2. Today's masterclass is looking really good. Especially the pasta dish. Now I know what to do with the outside leaves of cabbages! Excellent!