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Apr 30, 2011 10:58 PM

Peameal Sandwich at St Lawrence

Which store has the best (or most popular) peameal sandwich at st lawrence market?

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  1. Carousel Bakery is definitely the most popular. Or the best-known of the peameal sandwiches. I leave which is the best up the the experts, but it's going to be an incremental difference between them all, as far as I'm concerned.

    1. Last time I tried them mano a mano about year ago, Paddington Pump had more peameal, more free toppings and better mustard (ie not Heinz). ymmv.

      1. I've had a few of these sandwiches from the Carousel Bakery, which I believe is considered to be the benchmark, and they're not bad. However I'll admit that I don't really understand the hype: I suppose they fill a certain craving for a salty-greasy breakfast bomb, similar to an Egg McMuffin, but for me the idea of these sandwiches always seems better than the actual eating.

        I have also tried the Paddington Pump version once, and found it to be incredibly salty and way too large: I'm not sure I got through half of it before giving up. I wouldn't order it again.

        All in all I'd take a tradition BLT sandwich over these things any day, but it's all a matter of personal taste. Try 'em both!

        18 Ontario N, Grand Bend, ON N0M1T0, CA

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          I'm sort of with you, and sort of not. I think good peameal bacon is great, but I don't think that the peameal bacon sandwiches at Carousel (or any of those places) are anything out of the ordinary. Homemade peameal bacon, however, can be *really* nice, and, to me, beats out a BLT any day of the week.

          I'm not sure I get the greasy breakfast bomb point, though - peameal bacon comes from a lean part of the animal. It's no greasier than most roast beef, and not nearly as fatty as corned beef usually is.

        2. I'm sure that the barbs will fly, as this may be one of the loyalism inducing topics right up there with poutine.

          The peameal on a kaiser at Carousel is decent, with a very good selection of mustards. Usually cooked as you wait.

          Manos Deli, somehow affiliated with Manos meat, does a very nice smoked loin, though the selection of condiments isn't as nice.

          The sausage company next to carousel (el gaucho?) does a nice back bacon. The best? From a meat and portion persepctive, I'd say Manos. Condiments? Carousel. It's not like there is a world separating a from b from c, and on whole, you dine better on this floor than you do downstairs.

          Also like the spicing for the chicken sandwich at the Churasquierra place in the same corner.
          l does a less popular, though still decent back bacon sandwich

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          1. re: Snarf

            Yes! I love the Churrasco place! Such nice people too...

          2. I'm in the Carousel corner but you really can't go wrong with any of them.


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            1. re: Davwud

              my only issue with carousel is that they gave me a cold pre-made sandwich. that was terrible.

              you like mustard? want a good variety? you're visiting from out of town and going to SLM, people are inevitably going to say try the kozliks mustard and who can stay away from the mustard booth and their samples? well go there first, you'll find a mustard to take home and then sample a mustard you think would be great with pork... go get your sandwich sans condiments and then go back to kozliks, buy that mustard to take home and then ask for a slick of the one that went with pork on your sandwich. kozlik mustard is a great food souvenir. locally made with unique and tasty flavours and mustard seed production has kind of become a canadian thing.