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Apr 30, 2011 09:52 PM

Serious pie= just serious OK

went with wife for first time on Friday. Was looking forward since I have heard some good things and have eaten at some great pizza places even pizzeria bianco in az, not that I was looking for the exact same thing, but I did leave wanting something more. For $50 for 2 pizzas and 2 blue ribbons I was disappointed. I mean at pizzaria Bianco I got 3 pies and a beer for under 55 bucks. We ordered the guancale, egg and arugula. It had an ok balance but the guancale was non existent, i searched through the pizza and found them very sparse andwhen i did find it in the pie it was basically see through and flavorless. I wanted to add some salt but felt ashamed to ask. The other pie was the chantrel mush, great flavor on this one but again for the 3 pieces that had mushrooms on them the other 6 pieces where just great bread. The dough I will say is great, but when I get artisan pizza I would like a few more good pieces than 3 for 18 bucks a throw.

Overall it was ok, but not worth the money, not trying to pinch pennies as i do not mind spending money on great food. Met some good guys sitting next to me and was with my lovely wife so was not all bad. Prob won't go back, will hit delancy or flying squirrel any day of the week over this place. I will say Tom Douglas's best thing was the doughnuts next door we had at the d lounge for $8.

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      1. Pretty much how I feel about the pizza here. It was probably the best pizza in Seattle for a while, but now that we have Delancey, there's no point in going here anymore. I will say that their sausage and peppers pie is pretty good, and if you dine here, that is absolutely the pizza you should order.

        1415 NW 70th St, Seattle, WA 98117

        1. We tend to go during happy hour, when we're out and about and in the mood for a few bites and a beer or two. You can get that delicious chanterelle pie and some good beers at a much better price.

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          1. re: eight_inch_pestle

            (+1) For the price, I agree that happy hour is the time to go.

            In regards to their pizza, I agree with the sentiment in this thread that their pies are okay. My SO thinks I make a better pie at home, but she's biased... :-)

          2. There's no pie in town that compares with Chris Bianco's place in Phoenix. It makes me very sad. That being said, Pizzaria Bianco is a pretty high bar to hold regional pizzarias to, and Serious Pie does a good job by local standards. I've eaten there many times, and have had the sparse topping problem only once or twice. I do prefer Flying Squirrel (just up the road from home), and Delancy is a treat.

            Serious Pie
            316 Virginia St, Seattle, WA 98101

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            1. re: Booklegger451

              There's no pie in the COUNTRY that compares with Pizzeria Bianco. God, why does it have to be in PHOENIX of all places? What a hole.

              Delancey and Flying Squirrel are both excellent choices for Seattle pizza. To this list I would add:

              Independent Pizzeria in Madison Park
              Zayda Buddy's (for Midwestern-style pizza) in Ballard
              Giannoni's (for another good example of New York-style pizza) in West Seattle

              1415 NW 70th St, Seattle, WA 98117

              1. re: WikiAdam

                I absolutely agree with Giannoni's in West Seattle.
                Closest pie yet to a real New York one....don't know how he can do it & others can't?
                Second choice would be Piecora's.

                1. re: grangie angie

                  Hey, folks, it's only a few (ok, four) hours to Twisp and the incredible, wood fired pizzas of Tappi's. The owner/chef brought the oven back from Italy, where he spends a month or two with family each year.

                  Thin, crackling crust, his mother's tomato sauce recipe (on pizzas with tomato sauce), and often local ingredients. Examples, sausages made by the butcher up the road; arugula on top after baking, when the local arugula is available.

                  Not trendy or frou-frou ingredients, just great pizza. Three stars from me - highest rating on Michelin scale, meaning "worth a trip."

                  1. re: RandyB

                    I checked out the website. The pies look really good! But they're just SO OUT OF THE WAY. Oh well. Someday, I hope.

                2. re: WikiAdam

                  Adam, thanks for the Giannoni rec. We moved to W. Seattle a couple of months ago (from Portland), and have been going to Zeek's for the most part. While it's a good family spot and the toppings are pretty tasty, there's only so much of that crust I can handle. I went by Giannoni's numerous times with a bit of curiosity, but figured it was a Garlic Jim's/chain type of place. It is certainly not. It is very, very good pizza. We will be there very frequently. Possibly daily. Again, many thanks.

                  1. re: Cbas79

                    Glad you liked it! It's pretty typical of what you'd get from an above-average New York slice joint.

                    When I spoke with the owner, she recommended Abbondanza's to me, also in West Seattle. I haven't tried it yet, but if you happen to, let me know what you think of it!

                    1. re: WikiAdam

                      Yep, I stopped by Serious pie for the first time with a friend from New Jersey. I had to apologize. Not so good for the $$$$

                  2. re: WikiAdam

                    Giannoni's is a good slice joint. If they had a couple of decent beers I'd go back for dinner again.

                  3. re: Booklegger451

                    Chris Bianco is overrated.....So is his pizza...So is the wait for his ego on a plate......

                    1. re: passionfoodie

                      Not his fault people will wait for his pie, pizza was 12 bucks and way better than anything here in Seattle. I met him personally waiting in line and did not get any ego at all from him at all. For the wait, it was actually kind of fun, met some great people, has some great antipasti and peroni from his bar next door while sitting in the sun. Would do it all over again and reccomend to anyone who goes to Phenoix, so when you say he is over rated please explain? Is it because he values his craft and has perfected it or just because you had to wait in line?

                      1. re: jlom907

                        I echo everything jlom907 said. There is no ego there, and the pizza is peerless.

                        1. re: jlom907

                          I concur. There's plenty of food-ego in Phoenix, but you won't find much of it at the Bianco joints. He's into what he does, and proud to be producing great food, but he's as friendly, down to earth and sociable as you could want, when he isn't frantically busy. The wait is often over-the-top, but worth it for an occasional treat.