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Apr 30, 2011 08:38 PM

Bistro Vis a Vis, Greenbrae is a WOW!

What a surprise!

We had been to Z Cafe(formally known as) in the past & had even been to it's new incarnation early on after it's transition. It was good but nothing special. We had heard that they were doing new things at Vis a Vis (new chef from Campton Place and Aqua?) & decided to give it a shot. Ill agree He is an artist!!!

We can honestly say that these dishes were as fine a dining experience in terms of cuisine as you can get anywhere in the bay area.....Marin or beyond!!!!

Interesting menu ideas abound! Attention to detail, quality of ingredients, wonderful blending of flavors & beauty of presentation made each bite exciting.I actually heard myself saying "Have you tasted the parsley???" (I believe even the garnish was flash fried and crispy).

We began debating on the appetizers so we chose more from column A to then split an entree. Our choices were the cauliflower veloute soup with fried sage and Aryan oil (compiled table side), Roasted calamari with a balsamic citrus glaze and Ahi tartar. Although it is not something we would normally order, we were mistakenly given the Pablo crusted egg in a soy ginger broth and it was truly amazing!!!!! Seared sea scallops with a deconstructed ravioli served as our entree. Every dish was unique and carefully planned and executed outstanding!

I mean......... this is a strip mall for g-ds sake!!!

Our server's enthusiasm for the menu (owner?) & wine knowledge for pairing was evident.

An unexpected surprise to say the least but highly worth the trip!!!!

Bistro Vis a Vis
282 Bon Air Ctr, Greenbrae, CA 94904

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  1. Two of us had lunch there today and declared it a winner. I had Orecchiete ($14), a pasta with broccoli rabe, grilled chicken, parmesan, chili flakes, garlic, cherry tomatoes, herb butter. It was distinctive and very good. My lunch pardner had the pulled pork sandwich ($11?) and declared it very good. There was no description of the pork being barbecued, so I assume it wasn't. They served a bread from Full Circle in Penngrove, I think a ciabatta, that was really good; seemed to have a sour flavor but other flavor also. Sorry I can't describe it better, but it's now one of my favorite breads.

    Bistro Vis a Vis
    282 Bon Air Ctr, Greenbrae, CA 94904

    1. It is basically down the street.... this is really exciting. Thanks for the post!

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          Yeah...gotta say it's not what it was. Good meals can be had but not the outlier it once was.

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            Thank you both for this, of course. Pardon my delay in thanks, but thanks for the info, much!