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Apr 30, 2011 07:26 PM

What is your favorite "Texas" dessert?

What is your favorite "Texas" dessert?? I have gotten a lot of responses from friends saying the traditional pecan pie, Texas Delight, & Texas sheet cake. I am looking for some different responses with a little more variety. Any help is much appreciated!

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  1. More southern than Texan but coconut layer cake is good.

    1. Do not, repeat do not, make a pinto bean pie. Go with the pecans.

      1. i love pecan pie, but only when i make it - traditional recipes are too sweet for me.

        how about buttermilk pie? you can even jazz it up with additions like pecans and/or chocolate if it doesn't have to be strictly traditional.

        1. One vote for black bottom pie. It may not be totally Texan, but that's where I first enjoyed it.

          1. Banana pudding is the most common dessert, with fruit cobblers a close second choice. You would find both of those at any decent barbecue joint in Texas. Other popular alternatives would be red velvet cake or pecan pie. These are more "Southern" than Texas-specific, but you will find them in most restaurants.

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              If you are asking what would typically be served in a Texas home (as opposed to a restaurant, which doesn't really reflect the typical, IMHO), I would say that is a really hard question to answer!

              I have lived in three regions of Texas and have spent quite a bit of time in other areas, and my best answer is cobbler, especially peach or cherry. Chocolate cake is more frequently served than pecan pie or banana pudding, although they are also popular.

              Definitely not Texas Delight.

              Much depends on the occasion: formal dinner, picnic, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, family get- together.....One would not serve cobbler or banana pudding at a dinner party, for example. I do occasionally make a banana pudding for Christmas, which is unorthodox, but it is my brother-in-law's favorite dessert.

              I just can't think of one definitive item. Texas is such a huge state and there are significant cultural influences such as German in the Hill Country and hispanic in almost all areas.

              1. re: laredo

                +1 on the peach cobbler, but the peaches must be purchased from a farmer.

                1. re: laredo

                  Geez, I live in Texas and have no idea what a "Texas Delight" is. Can you tell me what that is?

                  And no, I was not thinking high end restaurant fare when I put my answer together.

                2. re: RGC1982

                  Yeah all the BBQ joints have peach cobbler and what they call "nana puddin".

                  1. re: RGC1982

                    Red velvet cake. Grey icing. Shaped like an armadillo.

                    ETA: Oooh, I forgot about chewy pecan pralines. There was a Lammes on the ground floor of the office building where I used to work. Good stuff.