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Apr 30, 2011 07:18 PM

Name of closed sushi restaurant in Colts Neck

A few years ago, there was a sushi restaurant in Colts Neck. It was on rt. 34 North, next to House of Paint (I think) Past Delicious Orchards, I believe it was before Huddy's Inn. Anyone know the name and what happened to the chef? He made a delicious roll that had crispy salmon skin in it.

Huddy's Inn
420 State Route 34 Ste 325, Colts Neck, NJ 07722

Delicious Orchards
State Route 34 S, Colts Neck, NJ 07722

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  1. We used to go there! Was it Yoshi's?

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    1. re: Pink Pepper

      Yes, that was it! Thank you, it was driving me crazy. It was very good.

      1. re: Pink Pepper

        Didn't Jon Bon Jovi used to eat there at Yoshi also...? I enjoyed that place, noticed it was gone a few weeks ago also when I passed by. Have they reopened somewhere else?

        1. re: Tapas52

          It's been gone for years. Would love to know if he works somewhere else.

          1. re: Pink Pepper

            Me too! I remember that his family was all in Japan and he closed a few weeks a year to go visit.

            1. re: cookies223

              I would just sit at the sushi bar and he would just hand us things that weren't on the menu......I never ordered .....instead just told him Chefs choice ! I hope he pops up somewhere again.

              1. re: Tapas52

                at Yoshi's, it didn't matter what you ordered - he would bring you what he thought you should eat - which is funny - but it was always good. we'll miss him

            2. re: Pink Pepper

              CJ/CG (the sushi chef) retired to Florida around '03.