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Apr 30, 2011 06:23 PM

Lexington, MA ---PLEASE HELP ME!

HI, 12 years ago my husband took me to an elaborate restaurant in Lexington, MA. I am trying to remember the name of it. It was very upscale. When seated, the Maitre' D would pull out your chair and seat you. Someone was playing the piano and each course was elegantly served. I want to say it was a beautiful old colonial home. Does anyone remember the name of this place???

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  1. What kind of food? Not ringing a bell. Le Belle Coeur closed more like 19 yrs ago and was not in a home. The owner moved to open Dalya's in Bedford. Also not in a home, but decorated kind of like that, with a fireplace. I don't remember them ever having a piano, but they could have.

    Dalya's Restaurant
    20 North Rd Ste 1, Bedford, MA 01730

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    1. Was it possibly Hartwell House? Not in a home, now closed.

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        I think it was the Hartwell reminded me of a large colonial home.....I see online that it closed. Tooo bad! It was such a wonderful special occasion destination!!! Thanks!

      2. The building that housed the Hartwell House still exists. Many retaurants have tried and failed in that location. Many businesses are located in that area, but obviously none attracted enough customers to make it long term. Most recently it has been and Irish Pub.

        1. That isthe Pillar House. It has been gone for many years now.

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            No, the Pillar House was in Newton at the intersection of 128 & 16.