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great iced coffee

Iced coffee season is coming up. Anyone have a delicious version I can try?

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  1. Funny my gf and I were just talking about it being iced coffee season. Tonight is really lovely in my area. Well I'm a semi purist about my chilly java. I do freeze coffee cubes to bump up the richness. For sweetness, I like a tiny splash of cinnamon syrup, vanilla syrup or dark rum in my black iced coffee but if I'm feeling like a lighter cup I use condensed milk instead of cream/wholemilk/non-dairy creamers. But my fav way is cold brew with iced espresso cubes and a twist of lemon peel.

    Can't wait to hear from fellow hounds on this. I'm short on new ideas.

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      You might be short on new ideas but you've got some good old ones.

      I only use dark roast or espresso for iced coffee, make it the night before, chill overnight, and make coffee syrup to sweeten (1:1 ratio brewed coffee to granulated sugar, cook down til maple syrup consistency) and add cream, preferably heavy if my diet allows. I do like coffee ice cubes but don't always make them, and since the coffee is chilled I don't need as many cubes that would dilute.

      Occasionally I'll steep a cinnamon stick or a twist or two of orange peel in the chilling coffee. A teaspoon or so of ground cardamom is great to add to the grounds before brewing.

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        There's that cardamom again. Nifty idea!

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          I'm going to make the coffee syrup you mentioned above this weekend and give it a try.

          I like my iced coffee super cold hence the coffee cubes, cold brew preference.

          I love making coffee pops out of prepared Vietnamese coffee/condensed milk..and I'm wondering how the coffee syrup would pair with this approach....or playing with the cardamom or cinnamon as an ice pop..hmmm.

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            I totally get the coffee ice cubes, nothing like non-diluted icy cold iced coffee on a hot afternoon. Sometimes I just don't have room in the freezer for that extra cube tray though. The ice pop idea should be marketed, that's how great I think those would be.

            Coffee syrup, to recap, 2 cups brewed coffee, two cups sugar, cook down until maple syrup consistency, no more than that, and t will thicken when cooled. Keep in frig. It may crystalize; I just reheat it in the MV to dissolve. It's sweet stuff but if you like condensed milk, this'll be a reasonably sweet sub.

            On another somewhat related subject, ever try coffee flavored gelatin? I don't want to call it coffee Jello, but that's essentially what it is.

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              I have tried coffee jello. As a matter of fact, the Food Librarian website has so many interesting jello concotions and cofee jello is one of them. http://foodlibrarian.blogspot.com/p/j...

      2. Tried this recently with cold-brewed coffee and it was good.


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          Yeah, I highly recommend cold-brewed coffee. I use my French press, stirring it before going to bed and then pressing it in the morning.

        2. There is another thread specifically on Vietnamese iced coffee if you are interested in that as well. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/700115

          1. I make one with a spoon of cacao and sugar (or drinking chocolate from Cadbury's). No syrups or anything else.

            1. I'm not too fond of cold brew, and I suspect it of having insufficient caffeine. I like espresso and cream, whirled around in the ice cream maker for a few minutes.

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                Caffeine content is somewhat less than brewed (25% less). However, if you're using espresso, you'll need a triple shot to equal the caffeine in a cup of brewed coffee.

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                  You got a source on that? I seem to remember heat being crucial to caffeine extraction.

                  1. re: jvanderh

                    Can't find the original one but here's a listing from Caribou. Heat is crucial to maximum extraction, but that doesn't mean that you won't get a lot of the caffeine out through cold brewing:


                    Also, the idea behind cold-brewing is that you want a concentrated coffee that will hold up to added milk/ice, so you're probably going to get a higher caffeine-per-ounce concentration than even what's shown.

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                      I find this interesting because although I have no scientific evidence when I was really into cold brewing coffee I started brewing 24 hours and even up to 36 hours and got serious caffeine shakes (and I can handle a lot of caffeine). The 36 hour extraction actually tasted delicious and rich and not over brewed or bitter like you would imagine. The problem though, was that it literally felt like getting stabbed in the heart with an adrenaline needle after drinking a big glass of it. :(

                      I like both cold brewed and brewed coffee that is put in the fridge overnight. A dash of milk and cinnamon and I'm good to go. Also a big fan of iced Americanos (black) for a little less caffeine.

                      FYI if you like good strong coffee but for some reason find yourself at a Dunkin' Donuts (with their "coffee water") just get an iced coffee with an extra shot (or two) of espresso.

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                        Interesting. Maybe I should give it another try. I wasn't crazy about the taste, but maybe I'll try steeping it longer. I'm used to a shot or two of espresso, so that amount of caffeine oughta hold me!

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                          I agree with Klunco. I make cold-brewed DECAF and whether I then use it for hot coffee or iced, I start vibrating. As we all know, decaf does have SOME caffeine, and a 24 hour cold brew seems to result in a strong concentrate.

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                            Decaf has to have over 97% of the caffeine removed by law. If you never drink regular and make very strong coffee, I suppose it's possible for that amount to affect you.

                2. I use a standard electric drip pot, and some of you will have quit reading by now. I brew it very strong, and just as the last drops drip through I plunge the glass pot into a large bowl of ice water to cool it down. Our favorite way to serve it is from the blender with crushed ice, half-n-half, rich chocolate ice cream, and maybe some cinnamon, sugar, Splenda, or chocolate sauce.

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                    These are worthwhile suggestions. The problem is always dilution of the coffee by the ice. I'm thinking the coffee ice cubes are the perfect way to counter that with the least effort. This is a 'print it' topic.

                    1. re: Midlife

                      I bring a big wide mouth Thermos to work and out on the road. I make one big coffee ice cibe in a Tupperware cup and that ice "cube" keeps it cold all day.

                      1. re: Midlife

                        I can't be bothered with extra freezer space for coffee ice cubes. I just make the iced coffee strong, so the ice dilutes it.

                        1. re: Midlife

                          I find that putting ice and water into a large mixing bowl, then setting the glass carafe of coffee into the ice bath is "the least effort" for me at least. Once the strongly brewed coffee is ice cold, putting regular ice into it doesn't dilute the coffee much at all.

                        2. re: AreBe

                          Sounds like a nice satisfying dessert, AreBe.

                          1. re: HillJ

                            Thanks! Our family always enjoys this treat. It's good with cookies or a movie or with most anything else.

                        3. Kalua? Just kidding, I like adding alcohol free vanilla extract.

                          1. not that it's the best tasting method, but back in college, it was a life changing event to discover i could use instant espresso or freeze dried coffee to make iced coffee without heating the water first.

                            1. The coffee part IMHO just needs to be sturdy, usually leftover Ruta Maya espresso roast in the bottom of the press around our house. For those who think sugar is sugar, I say, "Try turbinado." As for milk, I find that less is fine; it doesn't need much... sort of like a splash of water in a whisky to wake it up. I prefer 2%. I also love ca phe sua da (and have noticed that Vietnamese restaurants also make invariably great fresh lemonade). I don't do well with flavorings in coffee and see no reason to try and change that preference just because it's iced, but hey, someone may foist a cardamom-laced iced latte on me and change my mind. I doubt it. I may try the soda idea, though.