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Apr 30, 2011 05:20 PM

Hmong Strawberries .OMG!.......Clovis

I've been frequenting a Hmong Fruit stand on Shaw Ave. just west of the H&E Nursery in Clovis and let me tell you their strawberries are freaking luscious!! They are dark red all the way through with a perfect sweetness and acidity. If there are any leftovers I might make a short cake but doubtful. These berries deserve to be eaten individually A'Natural, they are that good! ...and they have fresh string beans,carrots,squash,bokchoy, flowers,cilantro, dill weed. and no telling what will be coming ripe from their garden each week . I'm hooked!

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  1. So happy it's berry season!! Thanks for the heads up...

    1. They're probably the Albion variety? I got some in Santa Maria a few weeks ago and those were the best strawberries I've ever had. I know they grown them in Santa Barbara because they were offering them at our local Farmer's Market here in Torrance earlier this week. They were asking $5 for three baskets while in Santa Maria they were $4. Best thing in Santa Maria was that they picked them fresh in the morning and sold them at the roadside stand unblemished and firm.

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        Where exactly did you get these Albion strawberries in Santa Maria? Do you know if they are also sold in the Oxnard/Ventura strawberry fields? Thanks.

        Answering my own question here:

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          We bought these fresh picked strawberries right off a small roadside stand next to the field where they grow them. I'm thinking it was off Orchard Road parallel to the 101 Fwy close to the Broadway exit (near the Santa Maria River) and before the Tefft Road offramp. There are two or three stands there but we prefer a certain one where no one hardly ever collects money. It's based mainly on the honor system where you leave payment in a box next to the crates of strawberries. A full case will cost $14 and well worth it.

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            Yes Clinton, they were Albions' but even sweeter than the coastal variety! No Kidding! They had Chandlers' today and not as good as their Albuions'

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              My brother who lives in Santa Barbara told me that they could possibly be Camarosas? I spoke with someone here at our farmer's market in Torrance and they told me that they grew their Albions in Santa Barbara county. This year's crop is by far the sweetest and juiciest I've ever had. The only bad part with these is that they are highly perishable and bruise quite easily.

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                The Albion cultivar was developed by UC Davis a few years ago and are delicious but hard to find nowadays with newer varieties such as Gaviota and Camarosa. The latter two vary on their sweetness from week to week, but all are large, deep red, extremely aromatic and luscious. It's too bad that they can't be shipped, so get them at farmers markets or from fruit stands.

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              re: clinton

              t the corner of Orchard and Division in Nipomo, there is a small family stand with very good berries, purportedly unsprayed.

              For 101 travelers: to get to the above Orchard Rd location, exit 101 @166 junction just north of the SM River, travel north along the western frontage road about 1 1/2 miles to the strawberry fields and stands on the left.

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                Thanks for reviving this thread as this is a good excuse for a north county road trip - it is strawberry time and that means also going to Boccali's in Ojai for their fresh, hot sweet and crunchy pastry strawberry shortcakes too.

                Boccali's Restaurant
                3277 E Ojai Ave, Ojai, CA 93023

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                  I believe there are a couple of stands in that area. The one that we buy ours is at a small white hut on the left going north on Division run by a mom and pop Mexican family. The man who hardly speaks English is hardly ever there but there is a box on the right for leaving your money. A full case runs $14 and a large plastic clam shell runs $4. Worth every penny of it.

          2. hmong grow the best strawberries, hands down. I lived in marysville for a short time, and they had their field right by my house. sooooo good. you can't buy those anywhere else.

            1. They're Back!! The luscious Albion Strawberries!

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                there is a very similar stand about three or four blocks from my house in Merced (Yang's vegetable stand, on McKee near Alexander). It has been open since at least Easter weekend, but the strawberries haven't been fully ripe until now, but yes, they are ready now, and absolutely delicious. Three baskets for $5. The spring peas, a generous bag for $1.50, are pretty darn good also.

                It was particularly gratifying to see ripe strawberries since a lot of the (very) local crop was decimated by last week's storm.


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                  Ahh, you bring back memories of the Great Strawberry Chase last year that got us out to the Ballard Inn in Ballard (outside Los Olivos a few miles in the Santa Ynez Valley) and a nearby farm stand selling some pretty luscious whatevers this time of the year. We got a great dinner at Ballard, a weekday special B&B at Ballard, and some great varieties strawberries from Tefft Road in Nipomo (?) down to this stand Santa Ynez.