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Apr 30, 2011 04:23 PM

Best North Indian I Danbury CT

Kabab Grill (35 White St) 205-2222, across from Meeker Hardware and near the Train Museum (and not far east of Main Street) is the best North Indian restaurant I know anywhere right now. It's in a boxy, barebones shopping strip location, but if food's what matters to you, this is your place. I drive here from NYC.

They offer a very unsurprising menu. No ritzy/esoteric dishes, just the usual favorites - diner cooking for local Indians and Pakistanis....only uncommonly good. As good, I think, as the Jackson Diner of yore (before they got famous).

Everything's great, so I hate to single stuff out. But I'll mention sesame naan, yellow dal, all kababs, chicken and spinach (it's a palakwala sauce, though unadvertised as such). Just everything. Make sure you ask for spicy (this isn't a cuisine that works well mild).

Samosa chat is not on menu, but it's woozy-makingly great.

VERY friendly owner speaks great English. And vegetarians can eat themselves silly.

I fear for their future. Previously, this was the only South African restaurant I knew of in this country. It was good-not-great, but certain things were great, and it, too, was very friendly. But they closed from lack of interest. So this is definitely a use-it-or-lose-it situation. Please spread the word.

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  1. Jim, great find. My friends and co-workers will want to know about this. How are prices?

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      Looking at the menu here, the prices look pretty darn good to me. At least as of six months ago. Prices could have gone up since then, of course! I plan to check this place out very soon!

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        Thanks for the menu. I've spread the word at my office, so hopefully some new business will trickle in for them.

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          Sure thing! Let us know if you try it... and how you like it!

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          thanks for the link. definitely would check it out. :)

      2. I would love to take a trip to this place. If anyone is going, let me know jeremy at dinevore dot com.

        1. Friends of mine ate there tonight and said every dish they tried was good and tasty. They considered it more of a takeout spot. I'm putting it on my must try soon list.

          1. Had dinner at Kabab Grill last night. Jim's right, the place is a gem. It reminds me a little bit of Lahore Karahi in San Francisco, which is also a favorite. It's worth going far out of your way to eat here, but there's absolutely no decor and you order at the counter, so keep that in mind. The chef/owner is Noman, who grew up in the Danbury area and decided to open his own place after learning to cook at Dera in Jackson Heights (he worked there for a year and said the food is great, particularly the chickpeas). He's looking to open a second place in the near future, probably in Meriden.

            Here's what we ate:
            Samosa Chat (astonishingly good, this was the crowd favorite. Like Jim says, it's not on the regular, but it is on the takeout menu)
            Chicken kabab and lamb kabab (both great, but chicken was the winner)
            Chicken tikka (ordered per Noman's suggestion. Probably the best chicken dish I've had in the past 3 years. A mind-blowingly awesome rendition)
            Palak paneer (awesome)
            Sesame naan (awesome)
            Dal tadka (very good)
            Chicken karahi (merely good)
            Green pea pulao (well executed)
            Mango lassi (very good)

            1. Anyone know if this place is still open?

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                  Thanks for the tip, Jim. I'm always on a lookout for places with good chaat.