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Lino's Market (Durham, CT): SFOGLIATELLE!

Ever have a craving for something you know will be hard to find?
I wanted sfogliatelle in the worst way today and wished I didn't have to haul to Hartford to scratch the itch when I remembered: Lino's gets them from NY and bakes 'em in-store. And they're really good!
But I'm pretty sure they close at 6 (they do).
I called. Yup, they're closed.
I asked about the sfogliatelle--if they had them today. Yes, they did.
How quickly can I get there? Oh, you have NO idea how fast this kat can drive! :)
It's that old-fashioned, hometown mom & pop kinda service that makes you special.
Not to mention, you knock out a heckuva sandwich and have a nice meat department, too!
I'm very glad we're neighbors.
♥ MWAHHH! >>^..^<<

Lino's Market
472 Main St, Durham, CT 06422

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  1. kattyeyes,
    You are so right about Lino's, small they are and still they offer all one needs!


    1. Linos is awesome- but do not go without getting one of their homemade peanut butter cups in the front case!

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      1. re: Ctcomfort

        Ooh, sweet tip--thanks! I love PB cups and hadn't noticed them before.

      2. The perfect lobster claw for a vegetarian..............................<VBG>

        Bought some this morning for my wife from Luigi's in Trumbull, our neighborhood go to Italian bakery

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        1. re: bagelman01

          Silly man, you've got the wrong end of the lobster--it's the TAIL, don'tchaknow? But I am jealous (and hungry). ;)

          1. re: kattyeyes

            our youngest always calls them claws, because she grabs them out of the box with bost fists and won't let go or share.

        2. The best in MO is Pasticceria Attanasio Naples the Birth place for Sfogliatelle.

          1. I usually go on and on about Lino's chicken sausage with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach, but they were OUT OF IT on Saturday, so I tried their regular (pork) sausage with broccoli rabe. Not only is it nicely hot, I think I like it even BETTER than their chicken sausage...whodathunk? Try it, but make sure you save some in the case for me. HA HA!

            1. Two more Lino's must haves (but they don't always so call ahead) Homemade peanut butter cups amazing and mini cheese cakes- some of the most creamy and flavorful I have ever had!

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              1. re: Ctcomfort

                I have had my eye on those cheesecakes for quite some time, but I bake a lot, so I need to take a break in the kitchen and indulge. :) I know one of the guys that works there actually makes them and they do look quite delish. I wanna say there's a caramel/turtle one that's been calling me...

                1. re: kattyeyes

                  They are fabo- and if ever travelling to Boston for your sfogliatelle- go to Bova Bakery corner of Salem and Hanover North End- melt in your mouth Katty

                  1. re: Ctcomfort

                    I'm filing your tip right now--thank you!

              2. Lino's is the best. Their meat market is splendid, they make some of the nicest sausage (although I think Di Bacco's in Hartford trumps Lino's sausage), and they have a vast selection of Italian-style foods.

                You said they get their sfogliatelle from NY and bake themselves.

                Restaurant Depot (now that it's moved from the South Meadows to the North Meadows in Hartford) offers packages of 12 bake-your-own sfogliatelle in their freezer section. I saw a lady with some and asked her how they come out and she sang their praises.

                In Hartford I like Modern Pastry's sfogliatelle. Mozzicato's are too large, too dry and too tough.

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                1. re: shaogo

                  Modern has been on my list for a while. I've been many times, but not recently and never for sfogliatelle.

                  Thus far, I've especially loved Lucibello's in New Haven and Meriano's in Guilford. When it warms up a bit, I'll swing by Franklin Ave. for sfogliatelle and some DiFiore treats.

                  That's really cool re Restaurant Depot--WHEEEEEE--bake your own! It's pretty much a dream come true for me! I actually did have such a dream once upon a time--that my (not real) new romance's "staff" of cooks (imagine!) made them for me. I said "This is how royalty lives!" Then I woke up. Funny. I still think about it occasionally. Closest I ever get to that in real life is having surprise deliveries of them from New Haven by someone who is not imaginary. Not bad. ♥

                  ETA: Is there a particular sausage you like from DiBacco's? Should you find yourself down this way, I cannot say enough about Lino's broccoli rabe sausage. I wonder if DB's has something like it?

                  1. re: kattyeyes

                    1. Di Bacco's fennel and wine sausage, a special on occasions, is superb. But they're REALLY old-school and don't get into all the varieties that most places do.

                    2. Spin by my new restaurant to get your Restaurant Depot card but I suspect you have one.

                  2. re: shaogo

                    I picked up DiBacco's hot sausage yesterday on your recommendation. There's a strange chewiness to it I don't particularly care for, so lucky for me, Lino's is much closer to home. :) How can you beat five minutes down the street?

                    DiBacco's reminds me of Middletown's Public Market, but much smaller. Folks are friendly. You can grab Italian baking powder there if you need it.

                    Modern's sfogliatelle are nice. I still stand by Lucibello's (New Haven) and Meriano's (Guilford) as even nicer. I need to head further south and check out some of the other recommendations I've gathered here. Then I need to go to Napoli...

                  3. The lobster tails at La Via Del Gusto are pretty good if you catch them when they are fresh, but not as good as the sfogliatelle at Modern. The first 2 photos are from Modern, the last 2 from La Via Del Gusto.

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                    1. re: westie

                      I had to google--is it new?

                      I recall folks on this board talking about another much loved place for Italian treats in Manchester (forgot name)--did this replace it?

                      Are the lobster tails filled with ricotta, same as cannoli filling? Looks like. I know some are filled with pastry cream, too.

                      1. re: kattyeyes

                        Ah, the other Italian bakery (thanks, masha bousha) is Iuliano's on Spruce Street in Manchester.

                    2. Re La Via Del Gusto: I believe Claudio, the owner, told us that the bakery has been open for about a year. Before I went there I had googled lobster tail and found a reference in wikipedia htat indicated it would be filled with French cream, but it was filled with ricotta. We did not try the cannoli's, but were told those are filled at the time of purchase.

                      If anyone plans on visiting, it is a little difficult to find, but look for the Stano Bankery sign.

                      1. Ohhh, amici! Presenting today's lunch special: the prime rib sandwich with peppers and onions on an onion roll. Lino made mine with horseradish sauce and rosemary mayo. You can have it with or without whatever you like. $7.95 and ONE SEXY SAMMICH! God, I love this place.

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                        1. re: kattyeyes

                          Mmmm, the Kat has some stalked tasty looking prey

                        2. Mmmmm--broccoli rabe and sausage. This is half a "small" grinder on a nice, soft Portuguese roll. Lucky me!

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                            OOPS, misfire on the photo. Here we go!