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Apr 30, 2011 03:51 PM

Lino's Market (Durham, CT): SFOGLIATELLE!

Ever have a craving for something you know will be hard to find?
I wanted sfogliatelle in the worst way today and wished I didn't have to haul to Hartford to scratch the itch when I remembered: Lino's gets them from NY and bakes 'em in-store. And they're really good!
But I'm pretty sure they close at 6 (they do).
I called. Yup, they're closed.
I asked about the sfogliatelle--if they had them today. Yes, they did.
How quickly can I get there? Oh, you have NO idea how fast this kat can drive! :)
It's that old-fashioned, hometown mom & pop kinda service that makes you special.
Not to mention, you knock out a heckuva sandwich and have a nice meat department, too!
I'm very glad we're neighbors.
♥ MWAHHH! >>^..^<<

Lino's Market
472 Main St, Durham, CT 06422

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  1. kattyeyes,
    You are so right about Lino's, small they are and still they offer all one needs!


    1. Linos is awesome- but do not go without getting one of their homemade peanut butter cups in the front case!

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      1. re: Ctcomfort

        Ooh, sweet tip--thanks! I love PB cups and hadn't noticed them before.

      2. The perfect lobster claw for a vegetarian..............................<VBG>

        Bought some this morning for my wife from Luigi's in Trumbull, our neighborhood go to Italian bakery

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        1. re: bagelman01

          Silly man, you've got the wrong end of the lobster--it's the TAIL, don'tchaknow? But I am jealous (and hungry). ;)

          1. re: kattyeyes

            our youngest always calls them claws, because she grabs them out of the box with bost fists and won't let go or share.

        2. The best in MO is Pasticceria Attanasio Naples the Birth place for Sfogliatelle.

          1. I usually go on and on about Lino's chicken sausage with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach, but they were OUT OF IT on Saturday, so I tried their regular (pork) sausage with broccoli rabe. Not only is it nicely hot, I think I like it even BETTER than their chicken sausage...whodathunk? Try it, but make sure you save some in the case for me. HA HA!