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Feb 5, 2006 12:51 PM

El Jarrito Restaurant

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El Jarrito restaurant on Olympic and Vermont has been there for 50 years - I am sad to say that they are selling the place. I was not able to get details but it looks like I am going to have to find a new mexican restaurant. They have the best salsa, so different, not all tomatoes. It was so wonderful to go to a family run place. I live in miracle mile and traveled to ktown to eat great mexican home food.
Can you guys give me the names of other mexican restaurants that are equal to El Jarrito - great service, fresh food, and family friendly.
I am looking forward to your suggestions and comments on the sale of this great restaurant.

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  1. How sad, El Jarrito is one of the few decent Mexican places near me, and it certainly outdoes El Cholo which is just a few blocks away. I don't know why I haven't seen it mentioned here more....

    I've been eating their burritos for at least 40 years. My dad used to bring them home when I was a kid and burritos were "exotic". What amazes me is they are made practically the same now--same tortillas even, and full of meat. The red beef burrito is the real thing--full of spicy red chili. The pork one has really tender chunks of pork with green chili. I always get them without beans--not that the beans are bad, but mainlining this stuff is the best.

    It is the only place I know that makes their own sour cream, and you get that and their chili with their wonderful warm chips. I can make a meal on just that and their albondigas which I consider one of the best around.

    They also make great cocido. Huge chunks of tender beef, wonderful broth with all the veggies, spice it up with a squeeze of lemon and a little salsa....heaven.

    Their other entrees were not "gourmet" Mexican food, but you knew you were getting good quality and you didn't feel like you're just getting tortillas, cheese and beans reincarnated in different forms, like El Cholo.

    This is so sad--now I'll have to plan a farewell dinner--or two--very soon!

    1. Wow, I just moved to K-Town and drove by El Jaritto last night. It looked cool and so I looked it up, just to find out it's going out of business! Does anyone know exactly when? It looked open last night when I drove by.

      1. That name brings back memories.. I used to eat there a lot back in the 70's. My girlfriend would always order the "Mexican hot dog" and then tell me to stop laughing at her.